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GM - Fats.


Player party are ragtag bunch of misfits, some of whom recently left Seattle due to unknown epidemy, and some others left Saint-Petersburg due to another unknown stuff, then settled for a bit in the middle, which is Vladivostok

City status: Heated

Map ...


400 ВР. GMs and character list may change in the process. No-comers will be NPCd. English only.

Otherwise, refer to Fat Cheese, and houserulez.


  • Active

Nebokhod - ex-military mage played by Militaryuga
Che - Korean elf-rigger played by Stozu_ElGoblo
Won - Japanese ex-corper played by minty-hime

  • Currently indisposed

Tutuola - ex-militsiya adept played by Militaryuga
Jelena - Pretty-faced infiltrator played by Jamespsx
Dagda - healer-mage played by PLC
Klutz - elderly Hax0r played by Fats
Kit Remoni - traditionally trippy technomancer played by Guns_n_Droids
Ronin - ex-Yakuza street sam played by FNG.
Red Scorption - a wetwork specialist played by Finch.


October 2073

November 2073

December 2073

January 2074