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<Klutz> * I assume I start as soon as Che parks the van and goes to get shitfaced, duh. And I'd be looking for the nodes that look like they're local; not the customers, but the stuff, especially the gangers.
<Klutz> * also, whatever cams, door control nodes, security system nodes, etc can be found
<Che> * Don't forget to make your matrix majiks on our feeds! Like checking this old lady, mr.Toma, suspicious girl and such.
<Klutz> * Well if my scanning takes me half a minute (a bit longer if I have to hack some node inside first to get in range, like some customer's commlink or something), I assume I have the Dead Man's Chest device loadout well before you're in that bar of yours. Dremel or whatever it was called.
<Klutz> * But if you ask me, I can scan that one, too.
<Klutz> * /me's waiting for CheeseSamovar to give him the write-down of what is there to hack :3
<Che> * Dunno. Scan for drones, while you at it.
<Klutz> * I'm scanning for any nodes at all.
<CheeseSamovar> As you remember, Klutz, when the legwork started, bar was relatively full of people, so there was quite a lot of commlinks, a lot of them easy enough for you to hack without rolling. From those commlinks' data you can piece up the general picture of the customer of such place - a lot of them are locals, who either are in the know with criminal world, or in several cases owe a lot directly to Kerosene pirates as they were. In terms of metatype both norms and metas are present. Cams from those guys doing selfies with the Mermaid also do pick up couple of guys who, after thorough matrix search, belong to Korny - they sit in shadows, largely just looking things over and drinking.
<Klutz> * Great, any electronics on these Korny guys?
<CheeseSamovar> Commlinks of those guys are somewhat harder to crack, it seems. You recognize the work, - hardware dealer in Artem does passable job for Hermes, using parts smuggled from Japan.
<Klutz> * Harder to the point of needing to roll?
<CheeseSamovar> * yes.
<CheeseSamovar> * I do believe you can do that, but it would be no fun to spill all the beans without you even trying
<Klutz> * what's the Firewall on them?
<CheeseSamovar> * 3
<Klutz> * Hacking+Exploit 5+5+1(Encephalon)+2(hot VR)+2(specialization)=15
<Klutz> 15,3#sde
<ur_dnd_bot> Klutz: (pool 15, threshold 3) 2 passes, 7 hits
<CheeseSamovar> * user account?
<Klutz> * Yeah, my bad, let's go for security.
<Klutz> 15,6#sde
<ur_dnd_bot> Klutz: (pool 15, threshold 6) 1 pass, 7 hits
<Klutz> * :3
<CheeseSamovar> * okidoki
<Klutz> * with my Stealth of 6, I assume he has no chance to detect me in one roll.
<Klutz> 15,6#sde hacking the second one, why not
<ur_dnd_bot> Klutz: (pool 15, threshold 6) 2 passes, 7 hits
<Klutz> * that one gets to roll his Analyze+Firewall twice against 6 to detect the hacking attempt.
<CheeseSamovar> No issues with your sleek icebreakers, Klutz, their systems didn't even blink. Maybe someday writing custom firewalls may prove more lucrative then breaking this children's toys.
<CheeseSamovar> This guys, Petro Kovrigin and Anvar Ulygyn, are apparently 'dyatly' tasked with looking over the situation in the club, - they regularly text to each other to look over this or that guy in the crowd. Mermaid gives Petro creeps apparently, and he'd like to gut it, but Anvar reminds him they need to keep an eye on those who want it.
<Klutz> * Cool beans. I'd like to browse their contact books to look for the higher-ups in the gang. Also, whatever Kerosene Pirate contacts. Also, any message/conversation logs shining light on the situation in both gangs and their interaction.
<CheeseSamovar> You get to find a contact who does message them from time to time, but messages are in some sort of code - e.g. 'NC3', 'BZ1' etc. Numbers do not go above five, and are mostly in 2s and 3s, letters vary. You do not immediately recognize the code. In terms of Kerosine pirates, they have 'Sergey' as a number, but no interaction with it in the logs, and Bones, whom Anvar contacted couple of times during last week, To your knowledge, Bones is a Troll sitting in the corner, and his nickname is because of his bone lacing.
<CheeseSamovar> Strange contact is called 'Leshiy'
<Klutz> * what's strange about it?
<CheeseSamovar> * the one which sends this code messages
<Klutz> * Oh, okay. Any personal info on their commlinks? Nudes of their girlfriends? Drug dealer's numbers? The works?
<Che> * photos of their food?
<CheeseSamovar> * Sure. Do you need the info from their facebook?
<Klutz> * I have unlimited storage on my device (just like anyone), so while I won't take selfies, I'll take anything I can conceivably use against them.
<CheeseSamovar> * You also do have criminal records on both, Anvar did some time for large-scale theft about 6 years ago, Petro goes through two cases but wasn't convicted in either due to being too low-level - though did preliminary time amounting to two years in total.
<Jelena> * 2,539,275,048 cat-girl pictures
<Klutz> * Not bad, not bad at all. Jelena, old hackers get lonely, too.
<CheeseSamovar> * Klutz, you do that. Next?
<Klutz> * Let's have a look at Bones' commlink, I figure. What's his firewall?
<CheeseSamovar> Same as several other people here, he has his commlink slaved behind bar's node, which is firewall 4.
<Klutz> 15,10#sde
<ur_dnd_bot> Klutz: (pool 15, threshold 10) 2 passes, 12 hits
<Klutz> * going for admin account on that node
<CheeseSamovar> The node, unsurprisingly, looks like a ship, - black, rusted metal ship, chained in the dock. Having full access you can go through several gang member's commlinks easily, though Silver is not on the list, as isn't Alexa - cyberlegged girl currently hanging from the ceiling upside down. What do you look for in the node?
<Klutz> * the usual deal: login logs, access lists, whatever messaging logs, contacts and personal info the commlinks slaved to the node have. Also, any of the bar's technical infrastructure slaved to that node?
<CheeseSamovar> There isn't much, but yes. brewery system, for example, though you're not an expert, and it seems at least one person on the gang is. Cameras are overlooking front and back doors, as well as the main room. Nothing on the underground floor.

  • Klutz floats in the Seattle grid, its blackness lit up by the multi-coloured nodes. With a fluid gesture, his silver Fuchi-default avatar reaches out to the bar node, scarlet beam tearing a hole in its hull. Klutz enters the node, casually glancing about.

<CheeseSamovar> Messaging logs include dealings with the gang covering the shipyard
<CheeseSamovar> Abandoned parts of it, anyway.

  • Klutz notices the camera controls, and duplicates their output onto the previously established proxy host, for the team to see.

<CheeseSamovar> Specifically, you notice info on how and for how much armorglass for the aquarium was acquired
<Klutz> * Creating an admin account for myself. Hacking+Edit 5+5+1+2=13; threshold 4.
<Klutz> 13#sd
<ur_dnd_bot> Klutz: (pool 13) 4 hits
<Klutz> * Hiding that account. Hacking+Stealth(Firewall, 10 minutes). 14 dice; threshold 4.
<Klutz> 14,4#sde
<ur_dnd_bot> Klutz: (pool 14, threshold 4) 1 pass, 6 hits
<Klutz> * So in ten minutes, I have a hidden admin account to reconnect to the node whenever, with a password I can share with anyone.
<CheeseSamovar> * opposition does not roll, it seems
<Klutz> * nope, I guess the test is just there to make sure you don't glitch.
<CheeseSamovar> * OK.
<Klutz> * so, any contacts on the commlinks that could be useful to us? Also, how large a gang does it come up to? Silver, Bones, Alexa, how many more people?
<CheeseSamovar> Gangs appears to be less then the proverbial fifteen men, - 13, including Toma guy Che will meet later this night
<Klutz> * aha, great. I repeat the usual: copy whatever contacts they have, along with whatever appears usable of their personal info. Any door locks slaved to the bar node? Can I see the aquarium through the cams? Is it locked, and how, if yes?
<Klutz> * also, is Silver's commlink anywhere in sight? I guess I should know its access ID by the access log of the bar node...
<Che> * Can you get current locations for all slaved commlinks, so we can monitor gangers' movements and positions?
<CheeseSamovar> Scanning the message logs for keywords you also see the word 'fish' highlighted in the communication couple of times. The fish chat starts 4 days ago, corresponding to the Johnson's story of the mermaid steal. Discussion is in the group in regards to Neddlers demanding this job from them for some reason. transportation, weapons, someone nicknamed 'KGBist' who agreed to provide underwater equipment...
<Klutz> * minding that a commlink includes a GPS receiver, can't see any reason not to try, Che. CheeseSamovar?
<Che> * also, looks like we can safely disregard my bad plan, as it seems, chinks won't tolerate stealing of their big fish.
<CheeseSamovar> About Silver's commlink - how do you know which one's his? Access log does have several IDs, but they do not have names linked to it. Also, it seems node does have actual controls through which someone uses it regularly.
<Klutz> * Are the Neddlers (those are the Chinese smugglers, correct?) the ones to suggest the idea? What's their further plan with the mermaid, judging by the logs?
<CheeseSamovar> In terms of doors: front and back doors have electronic locks, but at least front can be seen to have regular bolt as well.
<Klutz> * Can't I collate the commcall ID I have from the previous commlinks with the access IDs I have here?
<CheeseSamovar> Klutz, logs on the node itself are mostly about the steal. Logs of commlinks, on the other hand, reveal two things: 1) guys in the group chatting that it seems Serega took a liking to the mermaid and didn't really want to give it back, - with Alexa approving, - and that Needles only communicate via this mage's astral projection or this tight-lipped guy in person, they do not do matrix.
<CheeseSamovar> In terms of plans, therefore, gangers do not know ATM.
<Klutz> * aha, fine. Has Che gotten to his bar of choice yet?
<Che> * hmmm, we can try to steal mermaid and frame pirates for that!
<Nebokhod> * see if there is a link between johnson and chinese.
<CheeseSamovar> * do we skip to the hijinks with the astral, bearhugs and che doing the drink job?
<Che> * if Silver is absent for some time, we can send message from him, asking other gangers to help load mermaid to our truck, so we can hide it from chineese!
<Klutz> * before we skip, CheeseSamovar, please answer me on Silver: can I collate his commcall ID and the access log to determine his access ID and try to hack his commlink?
<Nebokhod> * we probably will need to spoof a commcall for that.
<Che> * we plobaly will need to spoof a few commcalls at least.
<Nebokhod> * we can cream the chinks at dusk, take the mermaid, and ask the pirates how much are they willing to pay for us not to trash their bar.
<CheeseSamovar> * It does seem to you that he uses the node directly, not logs in from his commlink. Since you do scan the whole bar with your range of rangeness, and hidden devices do not stay hidden either, you'll be able to find his commlink eventually, as he's in fact (as we know from Lukas' astral trip) in the middle of the talks with the astraldude right now.
<Che> * what about hacking and trashing all of their cyberware?
<Che> * so we have a killswitch when drek will hit the fan.
<Klutz> * I have certain doubts on destroying a whole smuggling outfit with two drones and a mage.
<CheeseSamovar> * to hack cyberware you need physical access, as not many people wirelessly enable it before SR5
<Jelena> * Ambitions eh
<Klutz> * We'll have to ask CheeseSamovar if they have any of their cyberware wireless-enabled
<CheeseSamovar> * What's your take on it, Jelena?
<Klutz> * also, as soon as I find Silver's commlink, I try to hack it, obviously
<Jelena> * I'm totally unsure myself. I've never been particularly good at checking all the angles and nooks of a plan
<CheeseSamovar> * well, base question is whom to fuck over - korny, chinese, pirates, or any combination of those
<Nebokhod> * well, not the whole crew, just the mermaid puckup detail.
<CheeseSamovar> * oh, and Johnson as well
<Jelena> * Yeah, I really don't know, my most illogical input at this point is 'all the motherfuckers', but that would take months ICly
<CheeseSamovar> * you really do love people
<Klutz> * well, the fact remains that Johnson's the only one paying us, and to get paid, we'll have to fuck over at least the Pirates and the Chinese, and likely Korny too
<Che> * I'd like to complete job, so screwing Johnson should wait a little.
<Klutz> * although frankly I'd prefer to discuss it IC once Jelena's back from her scouting
<CheeseSamovar> * Klutz, his commlink has FW4. I'd like to take a short teabreak, let's say 10m
<Klutz> * btw, CheeseSamovar, has our Johnson given us a place to meet?
<Che> * from personal point of view - I really don't like Korny, but if they won't interfere with our job we should leave them alone for this run.
<Klutz> 15,7#sde Hacking Silver's commlink, security-level access
<ur_dnd_bot> Klutz: (pool 15, threshold 7) 2 passes, 13 hits
<Che> * maaay be we can frame Korny for this...
<Che> * looks like removing of mermaid will make a dent on pirates-needles relations, so that's probably in the interest of Korny.
<CheeseSamovar> * Klutz, describe your part
<CheeseSamovar> Klutz, you find one of the hidden nodes in the building, style the same pirates of the 21C as the main node - rusty iron, chains and round-levered doors

  • Klutz leaves his connection to the bar node online, and goes searching for Silver's commlink. Once he finds the icon, the spectacle repeats: the crimson beam cuts a gaping hole in its side, but this time the node is alert to his actions...
  • Klutz notices the commotion and logs off from the node.

<Klutz> * unless there's some black IC to jam my connection open or something
<CheeseSamovar> As you get in, you see not the modern room, but actual 'medieval fantasy pirates' one, - wooden walls, simple sturdy chair and table, and actual papers on the desk. As you move in, however, you hear 'ting', as a tripwire gets torn. Small round windows on the sides explode in glass shards, and murky water starts filling the room very fast. Seems that node is going down.
<Klutz> * not bad, not bad.
<CheeseSamovar> * also, to preserve continuity, let's assume this happens in tandem with Lukas going loud.
<CheeseSamovar> * what do we do next?
<Klutz> * My further plan is to have a look-see at Che's interlocutors, try to scan that girl that Che found so suspicious, if at all possible, and then chat with Lucas if he thinks we need anything else from the bar host or the commlinks of the gang. Also, check for Silver's commlink coming online every once in a while.
<CheeseSamovar> Soon after the astral battle the main node goes offline as well.
<Klutz> - Crap! - Klutz exclaims, as he switches his perceptions to the meatspace, - Lucky I left myself an account there, - he notices as he invites himself to a pierog and switches his attentions to whatever feeds Che is providing him.
<CheeseSamovar> * Che's companions Klutz can find info on, obviously, if you have some specific questions to ask - feel free. As to the girl - I do not see any attempts to contact Klutz in the logs of that session, and Che was heavily intoxicated
<Klutz> * could I at least roll to notice her listening in through Che's perceptions on my own accord? :3
<CheeseSamovar> * he doesn't have cyber-senses
<CheeseSamovar> * though you may try to get him install those in future )
<CheeseSamovar> * frankly if you'd be able to, continuity could somewhat collapse, what with Toma's hand and all
<Che> * mmm, I think I wanted to feed something on her to Klutz. Forgot to mention it probably. Well, then i can ask him later this morning when mr.Toma body resurfaced.
<Klutz> * he does have contact lenses with an image feed
<Che> * I have?
<Jelena> * think I'll need some of those mighty soon
<Klutz> * well I won't be able to do anything to stop her, obviously. I could just learn who she is
<Che> * Ah yes, forgot about them.
<Klutz> * Jelena, you don't have these already? How do you aim?!
<Che> * Yes, that was just curiosity about who she is.
<Jelena> * Simple! I don't fight! :P
<Klutz> * also, I'd like to know who the elderly woman was (or at least look for any collating evidence claiming she was who she claimed to be, like family photos, photos of her daughter with Silver, what have you).
<Che> * And background check on every patron in the bar!
<CheeseSamovar> * Let's say you were able to cross-check her as a chinese-born Yana Mayeva [Yan May-E], which will give you enough idea of what it was when everyone sees the body
<CheeseSamovar> * Klutz, you even get her daughter with Michalych' threads
<CheeseSamovar> * As, if you remember, he mentioned her fate, too
<Klutz> * okay, cool beans. Anything back online in the Chest?
<CheeseSamovar> * not the main node/Silver's comm. Other people's comms and main room cam show you that Pirates get everyone not involved out pretty fast. Then cam gets shutdown, too.
<Klutz> * what was the popular reaction when that adept started swinging his sword at invisible people?
<Che> * can we post it to neotube?
<Che> * or is it newtube?
<CheeseSamovar> * BTW, one more thing to your earlier question. You were interested in stuff below, where warded room was. You were able to get through the older logs, that this is mentioned as "Needle's box", where they put the stuff Needles are interested in, container for the magic contraband, basically
<Klutz> * give it a fancy title like "Goddamn adepts freaking out again: the Awakened Menace", get ten million fews and a million in cash revenue on ads
<Klutz> * Great! *although that much I suspected already*
<Che> * room full of fat sweet loot!
<Klutz> * ten million views
<CheeseSamovar> * Hopefully, Pirates members did the records, 'cause there were no cams in the back part - only outside overlooking the back door
<CheeseSamovar> * So I suggest 1) return to present, with Jelena back and Nebokhod at least on the 'phone', and discuss your next steps
<CheeseSamovar> * 2) I do tea/foodbreak
<Klutz> * sure. Anything online by then?
<Che> * 2) I do tea/foodfight - fised for you.
<Che> *x
<CheeseSamovar> * on the matrix part: (1) when the people get out, you see quite an argument between Bones and two Korny guys, after which Anvar sends 'CF2' to Leshiy and they leave. Gang members first call others with short message s like 'fuckup at the bar, need more eyes', bodycount raises to 10. About 2h before Jelena goes in, half of the guys leave the bar and your vicinity, leaving 2 upside and 3 downstairs. Then truck happens, Jelena comes and you know the rest
<Nebokhod> * btw, who's first aid is the highest?
<Klutz> * and silver still has his commlink online? Man, he must have trouble with all the scriptkiddies and the virus auto-hacks around
<Che> * Toma was delivered via this truck?
<CheeseSamovar> >>So I suggest 1) return to present, with Jelena back and Nebokhod at least on the 'phone', and discuss your next steps
<Jelena> * We can do, aye aye
<Klutz> * sure. Anything online by then?
<Nebokhod> = So, seems like we got conned into a "milk run".
<Che> = That cruel world...
<Klutz> = I am currently much more immediately concerned with our infiltrator's safety. Otherwise, well duh, welcome to shadowrunning.
<Nebokhod> = Do we have any idea if the Johnson does have money to pay and if he even alive?
<Nebokhod> * what safety? she is in a van, right?
<Che> = Yes, that little drone all for his own on a hostile territory full of cyberpsychos...
<CheeseSamovar> * Jelena was dragged out of the bar, with heavy suggestions not to talk to anyone about this or else
<Che> *on his own
<Jelena> * Aye, I just went towards Che's van, but I didn't get in in case I'm being followed
<Nebokhod> * is she?
<Klutz> * its own. Btw, CheeseSamovar, has our Johnson arranged a meeting place? Or are we just supposed to steal the mermaid, without handing it back?
<Jelena> = I'm fine, currently near Che's van. Che, care to watch and see if anyone is following me?
<CheeseSamovar> * those two returned to the bar, so it does not seem like that. Though with Lukas away you can't be sure chinese astroform is not silently monitoring stuff
<Che> = You can order our taxi service cia you comlink on the go! Dial 7-800-CHE-TAXI!
<Che> *via
<Nebokhod> * CYA

  • Jelena makes an effort to visually tap out the service number, and when it connects she asks for a cab from her current location and quickly closes it. = Come by whenever convinient Che, be sure to check for a tail though.

<CheeseSamovar> * >>Toma was delivered via this truck? | It is possible, but you do not have direct confirmation
<Klutz> * the cams were still off, then?
<CheeseSamovar> Jelena, you have no issues reconnecting with the rest of the gang sans the mage. I assume you all can do that stuff inconspicuously.

  • Che starts up engine, drives some time around docks and then goes to RV point.
  • Jelena climbs in.

<CheeseSamovar> * Yes. Seems guys are nervous about your hack. ))
<Klutz> = Che, anything on that truck your drone is following?
<Che> * CheeseSamovar, anything on that truck my drone is following?

  • Che makes up some scene about taxi drivr picking up his client, then drives out of the docks.
  • Che shares feeds from his drones.

<CheeseSamovar> Che, truck is moving south, - through Slavyanka by now <>
<Klutz> * I struggle to imagine how they operate being that nervous about every hacking attempt. They must spend most of their time offline. Oh well.
<Nebokhod> * it isn't every time they get haxxor and a mage with spirit in tow.
<Che> - Truck is going south. We can probably catch up with it and investigate its destination, but should we?
<Klutz> - Makes more sense to track it without interfering, I figure. Our target is the mermaid, and it isn't in there.
<Nebokhod> * isn't where?
<Che> - Yeah, my thoughts exactly.
<Che> * in the truck
<Che> = Ok, anyone got new ideas?
<Nebokhod> = We can always torch the bar and take the mermaid, the question is - what we will do after that?
<Che> = We need to somehow transport it to Johnson. Alive.
<Klutz> - Can we? We've seen they have a mage no worse than you are. How are you planning to deal with him plus everyone else inside? And the mermaid is not exactly a needle in a haystack, we can't just steal it when they turn away from it.
<Che> * how hard it to park a truck's rear through the wall all the way to aquarium?
<Klutz> - Plus it appears the Chinese have a serious interest in it; we don't know how long it's stay where it is at all. By the by, any of you locals know more about those Needles?
<Nebokhod> = Well, i was thinking of summoning biggest nastiest spirit i can and sic it on the mage and whoever opposes us.
<Che> = Mmm, Needles have appeared on local scene not too long ago, about 9 months, they worked through Pirates mainly, probably because Pirates had a good record of not getting caught by border guard. Recently, 2-3 months ago animosity between them and BlackTide has raised, as they were trying to get themselves more customers.
<Nebokhod> *afk
<Che> = Ah, and they're known to use magic and trust in feng-shui.
<CheeseSamovar> * Walls are solid, from the looks of it - and your vehicle does not have actual armor. So I'd say you will probably live through the experience, what's with personal armor and all, but car has a good change not to start after that.
<Klutz> * we're all in the same van, why speak via commlinks?
<Klutz> - Lucas, will you live through a summoning like that?
<Che> * Nah, not my SUV, we'll need cargo truck to transport it.
<Jelena> = So, just how do we transport it? It seems an odd solution, but can't we just break the glass and get it in the water, if the plan is to let it go?
<Che> * will building survive if we'll blast a hole in it to park truck inside?
<CheeseSamovar> * depends on the place to blast a hole in, it can survive or collapse
<CheeseSamovar> * anyone has experience with explosives?
<Nebokhod> * i'm not in a van, though
<Klutz> * ah right
<Che> * It's not a van! It's SUV!
<Klutz> = The best I can think off is stealing a street-cleaning truck, and move the mermaid into its water tank. But that'd take a bunch of time even if we can get inside the aquarium to begin with.
<Che> * Pretty large, but nevertheless.
<Nebokhod> = Well, i'll have to keep it manageable, should be able to survive.
<Nebokhod> * was the chinese truck big enough for mermaid?
<Che> = Shouldn't it be able to survive some time without water?
<Che> = It's not a fish but mammal, right?
<Klutz> = Mermaids are awakened seals, if I remember the prospects I've found. Still, I doubt we'd be able to transport it too far without water.
<CheeseSamovar> * the one Che's drone is tailing? well, not comfortable, and out of water definitely, but technically you could jam it in. Logically, though, you assume people who paid(?) to get it alive would get something more suitable
<Klutz> * btw, CheeseSamovar, what is there in the data I searched on mermaids on their ability to survive without water?
<Klutz> * also, has Johnson arranged for a meeting place to pass the mermaid to him?
<CheeseSamovar> * yes, he did, as well as one-way mail to signal that you're ready
<Klutz> * anything notable about the place chosen?
<CheeseSamovar> In terms of surviving without water it seems that short enough time should be okay (similar to seals), and you employer was more worried about mermaid's mercury diet being unavailable. Hopefully mermaid's sentience does not mean its other physical attributes changed
<CheeseSamovar> Klutz, the place is in Uglovoy Gulf, so will take some time to get there. It's docking area, so they probably plan to transport mermaid by water.
<Klutz> * who does the dock where we're supposed to deliver the mermaid belong to?
<CheeseSamovar> * A small-scale cargo company. Want to dig deeper?
<Klutz> * absolutely.
<Klutz> * Should I hack something, or will a data search suffice?
<CheeseSamovar> * search for 'whole matrix'
<Klutz> * threshold?
<CheeseSamovar> * let's assume 24, I doubt shell company info is on the marke
<CheeseSamovar> t
<Klutz> * Data Search+Browse: 4(skill)+5(program)+1(encephalon)+2(VR): 12
<Klutz> 12,24#sde
<ur_dnd_bot> Klutz: (pool 12, threshold 24) 7 passes, 26 hits
<Klutz> * 7 minutes of search
<CheeseSamovar> * Indeed, you confirm that this is shell company belonging to EVO. Division from collating the matrix info seems to be underwater bioresearch, anything more specific requires actual hack
<Klutz> * oh, that much is fine by me
<CheeseSamovar> * What do you do, runners, for the cheese's sake what do you do?

  • Klutz goes limp in his seat for long moments, then looks up at Che and Jelena: =So I've looked up that company supposed to take the mermaid off our hands, and it appears a EVO shell. Big surprise, huh?

<Jelena> - Who'da thought?
<Che> = Well, at least Johnson looks legit.
<Nebokhod> = Oh, big boys, there's a hope yet/
<Klutz> = Nah, nah, hear me out. Not just EVO, EVO underwater bioresearch!
<Nebokhod> = And?
<Che> = Just wondering, why they couldn't have done it themself.
<Nebokhod> = You got me at EVO.
<Nebokhod> = Who? Aquatic scientists?
<Che> = Vladivostok is EVO's playground, they can use local police, army, navy, their own security and so on...
<Jelena> = So, theres a chance this mermaid is some freaky experiment? Chance being very likely, of course.
<Che> = So in best case that division or unit want to keep things secret from their chiefs and directors.
<Nebokhod> = Probably a SNAFU happened, very embarassing SNAFU, and we are the mighty unFUBARers.
<Che> = Yep.
<Che> = Ok, onward to bussiness, we should start planning and working if we want to see this job done.
<Che> = Khod, shall we pick you up?
<Nebokhod> * how much time had past while i was in lodge?
<CheeseSamovar> * About 2h I'd say. Logically I'd suggest you all sit in there instead of you reaching out, since mage is still at large.
<CheeseSamovar> * but that depends entirely on your paranoia
<Nebokhod> = Well, you can come to me instead.
<Che> = Ok, is it time for another round of pierogi's or you prefer pizza?
<Nebokhod> = Pizza, please.
<Che> = Roger that.
<CheeseSamovar> * about time: if you ran during night, let's say 12-01, then you immediately reached out Daria, them e.g. 1-2h to arrange stuff, 4-11= about 7 hours, actually.

  • Che orders some pizza via matrix, picks it up and drives to Nebokhod's hideout.

<Che> * I calculated that I should have finished my bar-time around 0500 - that's plenty of time to talk talks and drink drinks. Then, say 3 hours sleep brake and another 3 hours to drive to Jelena, talk here and start scouting with her.
<Che> *break
<CheeseSamovar> * Yep.
<Nebokhod> - So, what do we do, fellows, what do we do?
<Che> - Panda eats, shoots and leaves.
<Klutz> - So your plan is to take on an adept, a mage, and no less than thirteen chromed gangers with a mage and two drones, am I getting this right?
<Che> - On a more serious note, we need to neutralize bar security, grab fish and haul it to drop point.
<Jelena> - So, whos the biggest threat security-wise? Their mage?

  • Che checks feeds from drones.

<Che> * aren't chineese left with truck and half a gang now amiss too?
<Che> * with only 2+3 of them at the bar.
<Klutz> - Well, a mage is always a great threat. But I'd say the chromed bastards can be no less dangerous.
<Klutz> * currently, yes, I believe so. But how long will it take to gather the rest of the crowd?
<Nebokhod> - Mage and the adept, yes.
<Nebokhod> - Though, it seems that our most effective combatant will be the spirit.
<Che> - Khod, can you disable cyborgs if their magical support will be removed?
<CheeseSamovar> Lodge is located near the far end of the Tavrichanka - first time you seen there any kind of a decent place. The amount of stairs you had to traverse to get down - without any sort of elevator at all - seems like something from an action movie flick. Inside, the lodge itself looks more like a library, round room with bookshelves on the outside and circles of tables to the 'librarian's table' in the center. You feel uncomfortably talking in anything but whispers. Nebokhod can feel, that just grabbing a book without librarian won't really work - shelves seem to be warded for only certain people to take books
<Nebokhod> - I'm pretty sure that without the mage counterspelling they'll have no choice but drop.
<Che> - And chineese have left bar on that truck. So, we can try to grab fish while they absent, or meet them enroute and make sure they'll be absent.
<Che> * did Johnson promised us truck, or should I start searching for one?
<Nebokhod> * start searching.
<Che> - Ah, and we need means of loading and transportation for the mermaid.
<Che> - I can probably get us a truck, but will that thing willfully get into it?
<Jelena> - If you... ask?
<CheeseSamovar> * BTW, did Jelena say it asked for help?)
<Klutz> - If you lure it in with mercury, pha.
<Jelena> * Worse, Jelena 'promised she would return'
<Jelena> * it was pleading if I recall
<CheeseSamovar> * he was, in fact.
<Che> - So we will need chem protection also.
<CheeseSamovar> * merman in distress!
<CheeseSamovar> * or is it merdude
<Nebokhod> * murmaider.
<Nebokhod> * .flv
<CheeseSamovar> *murmurmaider with catgirl.mpg
<Che> * murder-mermaid-murder.avi?
<Nebokhod> - Ok, will we trash the place?
<Klutz> - Apparently, no better ideas.
<Che> - Well, we'll probably need to park a truck inside, so there'll be some new agressive replanning with explosives...
<Jelena> - Set fire to the back, get the mermaid out the front?
<Jelena> - THere's a giant fish tank, if it gets too harsh, thats when we break the tank, huhuhuh.
<Che> * how hard it's to get mermaid from tank to outside?
<Che> * I mean distance, obstacles...
<Che> * or should we use explosives for real?
<Klutz> * well, we've asked CheeseSamovar if we've seen the aquarium lock, but no reply so far
<CheeseSamovar> * well, you have (a) armored-glass container (b) with possibly some lock on it, which Klutz wanted to look at, but was not able to due to the camera angle (c) main doors or (d) long corridor to the back and backdoor, which is relatively narrow, so you'd have to break it probably
<Che> * how they put it inside?
<CheeseSamovar> * you've not seen it. Most aquariums open from the top, if that's what you're asking
<Che> * I mean most obvious way of them doing so. And not into aquarium but to aquarium.
<Nebokhod> * have they assembled aquarium inside?
<CheeseSamovar> * seems so according to Klutz's infosearch in the node
<CheeseSamovar> * as it does mention hiring a guy for the assembly, but not wall-breaking, for example
<Nebokhod> - Earth spirit could probably be strong enough to break open the fishtank and carry the mermaid to the truck.
<Che> - What about that storage room inside?
<Nebokhod> - What about it?
<Che> - Raiding it will probably count toward trashing place.
<Nebokhod> - We'll need to take out the mage beforehand then.
<Nebokhod> - Which is always a good idea, as you all know.
<Jelena> - Does the mage live in the club, or can we jack them at home?
<Che> - Yes. The problem is, if there are illicit and valuables goods inside, hauling them will slow us, and turns up a heat on our trails, as returning them will motivate them for sure.
<Che> - But profits to be made are good for a change.
<Nebokhod> - Mage definitely doesn't live in the club. It is not healthy to sleep in a company of razorboys that want you dead.
<Nebokhod> - If we want to raid the storage then we need to either find the mage in the meatspace or ambush him in astral.
<Che> * are they still driving out?
<Klutz> - Can't we just shoot the lock off? Dispel the barrier, if it's there, and bam.
<Nebokhod> - And the mage will know and will get the drop on us. I do not fancy a walk on the recieving side.
<Che> - Can he couse troubles from afar?
<Che> *a
<Nebokhod> - "Afar" is not a thing on astral. He would be on us in seconds.
<Nebokhod> - Granted, there's not much he can do to mundanes from there, but there'll be me, spirit and mermaid.
<CheeseSamovar> * Che, roll infiltration for your drone, please
<Che> 7#sd
<ur_dnd_bot> Che: (pool 7) 2 hits
<Che> * Spy-fly, right?
<CheeseSamovar> * no, opticx
<CheeseSamovar> * spyfly was inside the building (and I do not exactly remember, what happened to it afterwards
<Che> * it sits and spyes.
<Che> * wait a sec I'll check rules for optic-x.
<CheeseSamovar> * In regards to spyfly - good thing we remembered it. Because it was able to hear some stuff, namely, that specifically this evening Chinese plan to move mermaid out. That is what adept delivered besides the body.
<Che> * Ah, it still 7 (3 pilot + 4 autosoft)
<Che> * there'll be -4 to spot check from chameleon coating.
<CheeseSamovar> As for the your aerial recon: Truck moved past <edge of the map on the picture>, and stops couple hundred meters before an abandoned warehouse. Driver, and guy who delivered a hand get out, and check the surroundings. Thanks to the optic camo you have on your drone, they do not spot it. They proceed to hide the vehicle in the vegetation, and go to the warehouse
<Che> - Hm, our chineese friends finally arrived somewhere.
<Che> - Klutz, can you check this address?
<Klutz> * *shrug*
<Klutz> * whatever CheeseSamovar says
<CheeseSamovar> * Fats, is anything wrong?
<Klutz> * No, I'm still waiting for datasearch threshold, modifiers and interval.
<CheeseSamovar> * I'd say 18, mod -1 (specifialized), 1 minute
<Nebokhod> * afk for 10 minutes or so.
<Klutz> 11,18#sde
<ur_dnd_bot> Klutz: (pool 11, threshold 18) 6 passes, 18 hits
<Klutz> * 6 minutes
<Che> * mmm, may be it's time for cliffhanger?
<Jelena> * dun dun Dun?
<CheeseSamovar> This is abandoned Navy warehouse, Klutz, theoretically not used for the last several years, and scheduled for demolition shortly after abandoning.
<CheeseSamovar> and.... cliffhanger