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The Void - Gunslinger


You are alone. Behind you is the Imperium, where you were one amongst billions. Before you is the endless void, where you are free to dwell. So unsheathe your swords, clean your guns, and steer you mighty warship into the Unknown. Let the humanity be proud of you. God bless - and Godspeed.

Ratio Scripta

  • There is no such thing as Suspensor.
  • There IS such thing as Telegus. Except the "Brink campaign" part.
  • Rank - second
  • Everybody has two additional spare clips for his weapon
  • Everybody has things like flashlight, void-suit, dataslate or other simple necessities. But if you think something can be not so obvious to GM, it'd be wise to say it out loud.
  • Burned FP can get you 01 on d100 roll, and either rerolled damage, or some beneficial side-effect chosen by GM


  • There will be WoTs. Lots of them. However, we'll try to be nice and fast. Beware those, who interrupt WoTs.
  • There will be narrative-style.

Business Details

Rogue Trader Gustav-Leonard van Straathelm and his crew are on the way to the Lind-III starsystem. During the short warp-travel they encounter strange Ghostship "The Collector", but cannot reach it to plunder for good. After emerging to realspace they encounter two ork raiders, commanded by Grork da Bloody, and transport ship "With faith in Saint Drusus", which was on its way to the Lind-III only habitable planet. After successfully destroing both raiders, they proceed to go and embark on the Grork's ship to plunder what's left...


EXP=second rank(7000-base(4500)=2500 to spend, +400 to spend into (char-history related!)LA from other careers, DM approval needed), stats as usual for DH(HQ rules of +-5 and so on)
Point-buy - NO.
RT book


Daring Rogue Trader Gustav Leonard van Straathelm - игрок Zinik_Alexander
Magos-Explorator Tadeusz Bolzmann, Chosen of the Omnissiah - игрок Militaryuga
Chosen's attendant, Cantor
Swashbuckling Archmilitant Mord "Green eye" - игрок Mezriss
Sudden passenger, ex-impostor Theodore - игрок Gobliiin
Zacharic- Клыкастый хищник, укрытый черной робой - игрок aaa13
Cruiser Aurora - their allmighty warship [Grots on board, Warp-touched, Nav is a little girl]

The memories of the Void

============= ork encounter =============
1. We have no autopistols in armoury. Ghost ships are BAD and provoke bolt-throwing. Grork Da Bloody was not afraid of anything.
2. Squiggoth feeding time. Be a wise grot, and you'll become a Toothkeeper. Grork Da Bloody strikes back.
3. Attention, incoming orks can make you do "Wallkiss" maneuver. Zarkovsky likes to be white and shiny. Those who wander in dark places can survive only by the Emperor's will. Explosions at the SOBOR. EVERYBODY TO THE SOBOR, NOW!!!
============= continue to the main quest =============
4. Beware the deadly Kshroot. Unidentified ship gets away unidentifyed. The map is yours, but it's damaged
============= Port Wander =============
5. Through the warpstorms to victory! Kracius likes cold atmosphere. You'll pay, when you return...if you return
5.a. Long time no see, Eddie Wooden Eye. Kill him with fire! Insolent rat will be catched.
5.b. The man was tall, and dark-hooded. He asked questions
6. "I wish him long and peaceful life". I couldn't save him! May you return with truth
7.a. "They've made a mistake." Old debts, new problems.
7.b. Those who strive for knowledge sometimes do find it. Sudden bounty hunters are sudden. Foot for foot!
8a. Welcome to the Nemesis domain. You can get my help for my share. Billiard solves the problem
8b. Intermedia: My brother Damian is a dangerous fool
============= To the unknown point on the starcharts =============
9. Grots, mutinies, novas and Mechanicus, all there, waiting for you
============= Sidetracked:ancient AM station =============
10. Bloody night on the AM satellite. Abandon your defences! Blind, unarmoured and curious
11. Plans are charted, things are written.
    12[Gustav, Mord] Those who give sometimes get even more.
    12[Tadeusz] Those, who are blessed by Omnissiah are destined for their purpose.
9-12. One, who wanders alone...
13. "Guards! Arrest this impostor!"x2. This is a treachery! Die, abomination of technology! Sudden fork-loader is so sudden
14. Daemon-infested cargo bay. Warp traveling upside down

История корабля "С верой в Святого Друзуса" и миссионера Полония Максимуса