Gustav Leonard van Straathelm

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Породистая благородная морда, покрытая легким войд-загаром. Синие глаза, нос с фамильной горбинкой - гордость семьи ван Страатхельмов. Черные волосы заплетены в косичку. Рост без паверармора - метр девяносто, телосложение отличается стройностью и изяществом фигуры.


Name: Gustav Leonard van Straathelm
Orign: Noble Born
Birthright: Vaunted
Lure of the Void: Chosen by Destiny (Fated for Great Xenophilia)
Trails And Travails: Dark Voyage
Motivation: Fortune
Career Path: Rogue Trader
Special ability - Exceptional Leader (+10 to Ally's tests free action once per round)

XP : 11800 1750 unspent Rank3

---Characteristics (3100  XP)---

WS 44 25+9+10[training]
BS 44 25+9+10[training]
S 26 25+6-5[shift] (46 in Armor)
T 28 25+8-5[shift]
Ag 55 25+12+5[shift]+3[vaunted]+10[training]
Int 51 25+16+10[training]
Per 38 25+11-3[vaunted]+5[training]
WP 35 25+10-5[birth]+5[training]
Fel 57 25+12+5[shift]+5[birth]+10[training]

Half move : 
Carry Limit: 

Wounds    : 9 
Fate      : 6
Insanity  : 11 - Suffered a short-time phobia of cold.
Corruption: 16

Legacy of Wealth
Supremely Connected 
Xenophile (+10 Fel/-5 WP when dealing with aliens)
Endured The Cold Stare Of The Warp (reroll failed fear tests caused by daemons)

---Talents(1400  XP)---
Peer (Nobility)
Peer (Academics)
Air of Autority
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)

Renowned Warrant 200
Jaded 200
Leap Up 200
Quick Draw 200
Ambidextrous 200
Resistance (Fear) 200
Foresight 200

---Skills(2200 XP)---
Forbidden Lore (Xenos)

Command+20 (Fel) 400
Commerce (Fel)
Charm+20 (Fel) 400
Common Lore (Imperium) (Int)
Common Lore (Rogue Traders) (Int) 100
Common Lore (Koronus Expance) 200
Evaluate (Int)
Literacy (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Int)
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)
Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int)

Dodge+10 (Ag) 200
Awareness (Per) 100
Deceive 200
Pilot (Space Craft) (Ag) 100
Blather (Fel) 200
Carouse (T) 200
Scrutiny (Per) 200
Acrobatics (Ag) 200
Sleight of Hand (Ag) 200

--- Gear ---

Name                                 Range      RoF       Dam        Pen    Clip    Rld        Special
Plasma Pistol                        30       S/2/-    1d10+6 E       6      10     2 Full     Overheats, w. RDLS, Customised

Powerfist                           Melee      -         2d10+8 E      9    -         -         Power Field, Unwieldy

Mono Cutlass                        Melee      -       1d10+2(4) R      2   -         -         Mono

Name                                 Covers             AP           Weight
Power Armor                         All               8
w. in-built Preysense and vox-caster

Armored Bodyglove                    Legs, Arms, Body  3

Lord-Capitan's Baton
Fancy Clothings and a Stylish Hat