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Void Whispers - insd7s


This hereby proclaims... Well, you know the drill. Set sails and embark on a journey for fun and profit!

Ratio Scripta

  • There is no such thing as Suspensor.
  • There IS such thing as Telegus. The first part of it, anyways.
  • Rank - first
  • Everybody has two additional spare clips for his weapon
  • Everybody has things like flashlight, void-suit, dataslate or other simple necessities

Business Details

+++Scouts Report+++
+++Received by Central Commdeck +++
+++Priority Alpha, Ciphering XVa low-profile+++
Reporting scouting results for asteroid field qbe.1123xt (map enclosed).
"This looks like a asteroid transformed into a voidstation. Closing in for visual. Holy Throne... This looks definitely human-desing, but... It's strange! Team Beta, scan formation, Team Alpha employ debris-protection protocols."
Energy signature: low (probably conservation mode)
  docking bays: detected (layout enclosed)
  weapon batteries: laser arrays, deactivated, heavily damaged
  hangars: empty spaces detected inside but no obvious way in
Estimated threat:
  environmental hostility:
    air: OK
    bio: bio presence detected, Magos-Errant Amadeus recommends additional investigation
  xenos: no signs detected
+++Transmission Ends+++


Rogue Trader
Барон Ульрих фон Либенау - Обаяние феодализма - игрок aaa13

Arch Militants
Belphegor Hawkeye - страшно скучающий пострелятель - игрок Zinik_Alexander

Void Masters
Butch "No Landing" Voss - лучший пилот на этом корабле - игрок HarleyQueen

Explorator Garal - Эксплоратор - игрок Bert

Egamh - almost transubstantial astropath - игрок Mezriss

Stuurman Aleene - лучший навигатор на этом корабле - игрок HarleyQueen

Good Ships
Possessed viper- Noble Vessel

Кевин Дахаллан - мастер по тарелочкам - игрок Guns_Linger

Captain's Log

Episode I

Trophy Room Manifest

Microwave Phaser
 - Basic
Single point mode ("lazor")     60m    S/2/- 1d10+3 E              Pen 2   Clip 20   Rld Half   Special: silent, rdls
Wide beam mode    ("pain")      10m    S/-/- 1d5 +3 E              Pen 0*  Clip  5   Rld Half   Special: ignores non-metallic armor, silent, blast(2), Pain*

*Pain: if a living target gets hit by a phaser 'wide beam' it rolls against toughness and suffers the level of fatigue on a failure.