Stuurman Aleene

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Name: Stuurman Aleene 
Home World: Void Born 
Career Path: Navigator of the Nomadic Houses 

Ranking: I(5900 out of 6999)

XP Total:6800
4500exp +1000exp(spent on Origins) +800exp(spent on Characteristics) +200exp(spent on Talents)+300exp(spent on Skills)  

---Characteristics (800 XP)---

WS : 28     25+3[PB]
BS : 35     25+10[PB]  
S  : 25     25+5[PB]-5[homeworld]
T  : 32     25+7[PB]
Ag : 44     25+19[PB]
Int: 56     25+15[PB]+6[origins]+10[advance]
Per: 58     25+20[PB]+3[origins]+10[advance]
WP : 53     25+15[PB]+5[homeworld]+3[origins]+5[advance]
Fel: 31     25+6[PB]

Initiative: +4
Half move : 4

Wounds    : 9
Fate      : 4
Insanity  : 4
Corruption: 1

Birthright: Fringe Survivor - Survivalist [+3 Per, Survival, +1 FP, +2 Insanity][300 exp]
Lure Of The Void: New Horizons - Seeker Of Truth [+3 Int, Scholastic Lore(Astromancy), +1 Corruption][100 exp]
Trials and Travails: Lost Worlds - Rogue Planet[+3 WP, Survival, +2 Insanity][200 exp]
Motivation: Knowledge - Knowledge Is Power, Guard It Well[+3 Int, Scholastic Lore(Astromancy), Foresight][300 exp]
Lineage: A Proud Tradition - Heir Apparent[Talented(Navigation(Stellar))][100 exp]

Charmed              [On a roll of natural 9 the Fate Point is not lost]
Ill-Omened           [-5 to Fel tests with dirt dwellers]
Shipwise             [Navigation(Stellar) and Pilot(Spacecraft) are Basic]
Void Accustomed      [Zero/Low-grav zones are not difficult terrain]
The Eye Is Open      [No Corruption from Warp Shock]
Dark Sight           

---Boons Of Lineage---
Lore of the Wanderer [Talented(Navigation(Warp))]
A Taste for the Warp [Can spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed in using a Navigator power, with 1d5(max 4) degrees of success]
Scorn of Dirt Dwellers [-10 to Fel Tests with dirt dwellers]
Initial Mutation - Eyes as dark as the Void [Gain Dark Sight Trait]

---Talents(200 XP)---
Pistol Weapon Training(Universal) 

 Talent                                   Cost
Resistance(Fear)                          200

---Skills(300 XP)---
[Int]Common Lore(Navis Nobilite)
[Int]Forbidden Lore(Navigators, Warp) 
[Int]Scholastic Lore(Astromancy) +20
[Int]Speak Language(High Gothic, Low Gothic, Ship Dialect)
[Int]Survival +10

 Skill                                    Cost
[Per]Awareness                             100
[Int]Trade(Astrographer)                   100
[Int]Secret Tongue(Navigators)             100

---Navigator Powers(0 XP)---
Power                      Rank           Cost      Test                   Effect
The Lidless Stare          Novice          ---      Opposed Willpower      1d10+5[E], Stunned for 1 round; self 1 level of Fatigue
Stacking The Deck          Novice          ---      Perception(-10)        +25 to any Maneuver or BS test in ship combat

--- Gear ---
Name/Pattern        Range      RoF      Dam     Pen     Clip     Rld     Wt            Special                       
"Carnodon"          35m       S/3/-    1d10+4[I] 2       6       Full    2.5kg         Accurate, Reliable

Bolt Cane           30m       S/-/-    1d10+5[I] 4       1       2Full   3kg           Tearing

Name/Pattern        Covers                 AP            Wt            Special                       
Flak Greatcoat      Arms, Body             4             9kg           Looks good with robes.

Almanac Astrae Divinitus
Emperor’s Tarot deck
Nobilite robes
Targeting monocle
Aleene Family Scarf[that was given to me by my sister][counts as a Charm]
Recoil Glove 

-Bolt Cane
 -Organgrinder Round

-Westinkgrup Carnodon Pattern Precision Handcannon

Belt of bolt cane refits with Organgrinder rounds. [12 left]