Filthy Rats

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Interrogator Klein - insd7s

Casus Inquisitoria

Location: Hive Bosporus
Estimated threat: none
Priority: omega two medium (standard protocol, no special equipment required, no authorities override, personal arms allowed)
Mission briefing: pending

+++ Begin Transmission +++
+++ Transmission Received +++
+++ Subject: Rejoice for you have chance to serve Him +++
+++ Origination: CLEARANCE REQUIRED +++
+++ Encryption: INQ.31Bg low +++
+++ |Omega2med,W+|

Аколиты, хватит прохлаждаться, собирайтесь завтра в 8.00 перед цитаделью Арбитесов, у меня есть для вас задание.

Recommended inquiries:
1. Ежегодный праздник "The Laughing Saint": возникновение, традиции, отношение к распространенным в Босфорие культам.
2. Район "Даэн 24б" среднего слоя города-улья Босфорий: карта, ключевые посты, религиозная ситуация.
3. Casus Lex Imperia #1245423328/c/m от 543.M40 "On conflicting authorities in criminal and religious cases"

Интеррогатор Тацит Кляйн.

+++ Thought for the day: innocence can prove something, but that something has yet to be determined.
+++ End Transmission +++

Ratio Scripta

  • 1100 starting experience pool
  • Determine starting abilities as follows: Roll for stats as ruled in book(one re-roll allowed), assign results as you see fit. Further, it's possible to reassign 5 points from one stat to another(with limit to one such operation per stat).
  • Replace starting wounds roll with static of 3
  • Inquisitor's Handbook is ON
  • Use starting equipment modifying it if necessary

Personae Acolytum

Maximilian "Amasec" Poena - hardboiled Regulator from Gunmetal City игрок Zinik_Alexander

Moloch Innsmouth - on the rain-slick precipice of darkness, игрок HarleyQueen
Jeremiah_Lamentio - жизнерадостный фаталист, игрок Fats

Gone back to heavens:
Johann_Iasperus - Клирик, упавший с неба, игрок Guns_Linger
Mysteriously disappeared:
Marcus Letum - игрок Bert