The Moment of Twilight

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Narrator - insd7s

There are no shadows without a light.

But I do and I don't want to care anymore
if I close my eyes would it spare me the sight?
of decay, corruption, how we nurture destruction
and everything that will doom us all.

~ Diablo Swing Orchestra, "Rag Doll Physics"

Casus Inquisitoria

Quaddis. Considered by some that have heard of it to be little more than a myth, Quaddis is a strange world, and one unique in the Calixis Sector both in political structure and history. Quaddis is nor a planet eaten up by agriculture or vast and hungry factories, but rather it is bound to the whims and caprices of the elite of many other worlds and is carved up into their private kingdoms.


Location: Ashtear Starport
Estimated Threat: no estimation available
Mission briefing: contact local Ordo operatives
Status: FAILED

The Red Cages

Location: Slaughter Pit
Estimated Threat: Run or Die
Mission Briefing: Survive
Status: DONE

Location: Beast House Operation Base
Estimated Threat: Hereticus Majoris, Xenos Extremis
Mission Briefing: Escape
Status: In Progress

Personae Acolytum

Gildenstern Cromwell - HDMS BFS carrier - [игрок -Militaryuga]
Gerhart - благородный следователь. [игрок - Bert]
Chandragupta Maurya - псайкер - огнепоклонник [игрок - aaa13]
Heinrich Johannites Rozenkranz - благородный и отважный Адепт [игрок -Zinik_Alexander]
Awaiting deployment
Harley Q'een - girl with kaleidoscope eyes. [игрок - HarleyQueen]


NB: всем обязательно закупать Ciphers (Acolyte), для ролеплейного обоснования фпо-активности.

Ratio Scripta

  • 5200 starting experience pool
  • Determine starting abilities as follows: Roll for stats as ruled in book(one re-roll allowed), assign results as you see fit. Further, it's possible to reassign 5 points from one stat to another(with limit to one such operation per stat).
  • Replace starting wounds roll with static of 3
  • Inquisitor's Handbook is ON
  • Starting money based on monthly income (400 xp = 1 month of faithful service)

Ordo Hereticus Protocol