The Edge Of Darkness

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Procurator Calexi - HarleyQueen

Casus Inquisitoria

  • Location: Low-to-mid-Hive Sibellus
  • Estimated Threat: Obscura Majoris
  • Mission Briefing: Arrive at administratum habitation zone and wait for further instructions.
  • Status: Completed

After being singled out and inducted into the service of the Inquisition, things have not quite gone as you had imagined
them. Removed from your past life, you have been tested and measured, questioned and interrogated. But aside
from a few lectures given in darkened chambers that left you sick to your stomach and a seemingly endless stream of
codes and ciphers given you to memorize and destroy, you have been left largely to your own devices. Lodging
under a false name in an anonymous hab-block in Hive Sibellus, on Scintilla, the capitol planet of the Calixis Sector,
you have bided your time for weeks waiting for the call from your masters, and perhaps, their verdict.
At last that call has come and a blank-eyed courier has delivered to you a note featuring the cipher of the Holy
Ordos. The message within was simple and perfunctory, containing a time, a date and a location. The instruction to
come prepared and expect company is signed off with a single epithet—“The Emperor Protects

  • Location: Low-to-mid-Hive Sibellus
  • Estimated Threat: Obscura Majoris
  • Mission Briefing: Arrive at Ordo Hereticus facility for instructions.

Coscarla Division Briefing

  • Status: Completed

  • Location: Low-to-mid-Hive Sibellus
  • Estimated Threat: Hereticus Majoris
  • Mission Briefing: Covertly(failed) investigate the nature of events in Southern Coscarla.
  • Status: Completed

  • Location: Undercover Facility Of Ordo Hereticus, Hive Sibellus
  • Thought Of The Day: A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy
  • Mission Briefing: Reflect on your deeds and provide your repentance to the ranking officer. In written form.
  • Status: lifetime of heresy

Personae Acolytum

Octavius Mar Zellinger - благородство в крови, с головы до ног (игрок - Zuzuzu)
Ignaci - бандит, псайкер и просто подозрительный тип (игрок - Bert)
Gregorius - игрок Ur-Quan

Wilgelm Schmidt - игрок Aen Sidhe Absent (M.I.A.)
Nicodemus - игрок Militaryuga Deceased (K.I.A.)

NB: всем обязательно закупать Ciphers (Acolyte), для ролеплейного обоснования фпо-активности.

Ratio Scripta

  • 4000 starting experience pool

Additum - in progress

Ordo Hereticus Protocol