Slouching Towards Activation

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Narrator - Thinik

Patria Minoris

The forgotten colony. Situated at the edge of sector territory, Vaxanide is a poorly supplied, desperate world, struggling to enter the “inner circle” of sector planets. It has decent mineral output and considerable exports of meat and fish, but it fights to survive. Its three billion population answers to Lord Vaxanide, scion of House Vaxanide, which has holdings on Scintilla, Malfi and Regulus.

The economic degeneracy of Vaxanide results in it being a generally lawless, dangerous frontier world, especially beyond the precincts of the central hive, Vaxanhive. The planet is especially famed for its porcelain, glass and fish products. It is also the site of a shrine to Saint Drusus, where miracles are said to occur. Base rumours say that a hidden city exists in the canyons of the dense equatorial jungles. The city is said to be a mirror of the Lucid Palace, populated by phantoms of the actual Lucid Palace’s denizens. All expeditions into the jungle areas have ended in failure, with few members returning alive. Those who survive are usually insane, raving of “grey death” stalking them, or simply ending their lives in a variety of messy ways..

CLASS: Frontier World.
CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: Stable warp routes run from Vaxanide to Malfi, Ganf Magna and Kalf.

Casus Inquisitoria

The relatively peaceful time of your dull life full of endless toil to the glory of Imperium is over. Rejoice and proceed to a hidden meeting point and gritty adventures in the grim darkness of 41st Millenium.

Personae Acolytum

Johannes Cain - not your personal quastor - игрок insd7s
Mark Shellworth - not your personal driver - игрок HarleyQueen
Uriah - not your personal investigator - игрок Mezriss
Nick Strelov - not your personal reclaimator - игрок aaa13
Ferrus - not your personal tech support - игрок Bert

Name: modified Trojan Support Vehicle(Chimera-chasis)
Type: Ground Vehicle
Size: Enormous 
Cruising Speed: 55kmph                Tactical Speed: 15m
Maneuverability: +0
Armor: Front 24, Sides 20, Rear 8    Structural Integrity: 16(20)
Crew: Driver, Gunner
Carrying capacity: it's a supply vehicle

Weapons: 1 driver operated fixed Armageddon-pattern autogun [Facing Front]
         1 gunner/passenger operated pintle-mounted Orthlack-pattern heavy stubber [Facing All]
Name/Pattern        Range      RoF      Dam     Pen     Clip     Rld     Wt            Special                       
Armageddon          100m      S/2/6    1d10+4    0       60      Full    ---           Reliable

Orthlack Stubber    120m      –/–/10   1d10+5    3       200     2Full   ---            --- 
Fire Extinguisher
4x Volcanis Shroud Suit

Weapon Maintenance Kit
2x Autogun spare ammo-box
2x Heavy stubber ammo-box
1x Heavy stubber tracer ammo-box

Emergency Kit
  -6x glow-stick 
  -Universal battery pack
  -Melta-gel tube
  -Repair toolbox
  -12x Combat ration pack
  -Military Med-Kit(complete with tox-wands, 4 doses of rainbowm cast-spray and synth-skin) 
  -"Spitfire Original" signal rocket launcher, 3 signal rockets(different color) 

7x spare Flak-board
Promethium tank

Locke-pattern Long Range Auspex 

Ratio Scripta

Быстроваха на 400 экспы, генережка по харлеправилам.

Ordo Hereticus Protocol