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Do you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France?
~ Jules about the metric system


Культурная составляющая партии.


Name: Samuel
Rank: Seasoned
Exp Total: 20

Agility     1d10
Smarts      1d10
Spirit      1d6
Strength    1d4
Vigor       1d4

Pace       5"
Parry      4
Toughness  4
Charisma   -1

[Ag] Shooting 1d10
[Sp] Persuasion 1d6
[Sp] Perform (wind instruments) 1d8
[Sm] Knowledge (tactics) 1d4
[Sm] Knowledge (history) 1d4
[Sm] Repair 1d8
[St] Fighting 1d4

[Sm] Streetwise 1d8
[Sm] Survival 1d8

Edges: Headshot, Marksman, Command

Hindrances: Elderly(Major), Habit (Smoking), Cautious


Smith & Wesson Classic Revolver Model 629 [2d8+1, AP 2] + 28 rounds
 Caliber:  .44MAG/.44SP
 Capacity: 6 Rounds
 Barrel Length: 6 1/2"
 Front Sight: Patridge Front
 Rear Sight: Adjustable
 Grip: Rubber Grips
 Frame: Large
 Finish: Satin Stainless
 Overall Length: 12"
 Material: Stainless Steel
 Weight Empty: 54.5 oz. 

Pipe and Tobacco

Cloths, etc
лекарства и инструменты на 9 вундов
h&k mp5 9mm + 2 clips