Royal Hunt

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Ratio Scripta

  • Standard Harley-rules, all books are on
  • All planning and scheming are to be strictly in-character
  • Ascension rank 1
  • PB 100 or rolling for stats

Casus Inquisitoria

Few days ago "Special Circumstances" were declared by Inquisitor Melvin t'Hooft (Ordo Xenos) through his acolytes who were put into protective custody immediately. Though they've promptly escaped from the Calixian Conclave facility at Scintilla and have gone to ground. Some Inquisitors are requesting full-scale search&retrieve operation.

Some Conclave members leaked the information that another Inquisitor, named Jeremiah Sleeze (Tyrantine Cabal member, Ordo Maleus) vanished without any prior note and his known acolyte cells were found dead by accidents and/or hands of some heretical forces.

Inquisitorium Personae

I. Lady Inquisitor Theosophia Seraphim - devil in the details - игрок HarleyQueen
II.Captain Armstrong Smuga - игрок Militaryuga
III. Derek "Shtick" O'Leary - игрок Zuzuzu

Ordo Hereticus Protocol