Price of Chaos/Thousand Cities

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Very much WIP

Political Overview

There are 3 major views among western city-states, mostly driven by proximity to ever-expanding Empire:

  • Royalists - wish to maintain current system of independent city states. Perceived as a view of a vast majority among Thousand Cities, short-sighted nobles holding tightly to what little lands they have.
  • Imperialists - wish to join Empire, expecting to maintain current status under Imperial rule, while benefiting from stability. Opinion not voiced in the public, as no one knows where Empire would stop should it start creeping in.
  • Unionists - wish to stitch together big enough state to be safe from Empire. While regularly mentioned is not considered feasible, as many attempts to start alliances in the past were immediately crushed by neighbors scared for their own status.

Religious Overview

Lacking state religion, Thousand Cities displays large variety of local beliefs and churches. Western lands contain religious settlements of persecuted 'refugees' from crownlands, as well as certain degree of penetration by Waywheel.