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Name: James Thomas Anderson
Drive: Curiosity
Occupation: Journalist
Occupation Ability: Access to news morgues
Build Points: 16/75
Hit Threshold: 4

Sources of Stability

1. William "Billy" Barnes (Served Together)
2. Mike Allen (Local Comics Shop Owner)


*Languages 2
   + French
   + Japanese

*Assess Honesty       7
*Cop Talk             2
Credit Rating         2
*Oral History         2
*Reassurance          4
*Streetwise           4
*Evidence Collection  2
*Photography           7
Occult                1

Athletics            10
*Disguise             8
Explosives            8
Firearms             10
First Aid             3
Fleeing               8
Health               10
Insurgency            2
Preparedness          8
Scuffling             8
*Shadowing            8
Stability             6


Disguise: Alternate Identity
You’ve established a whole other life for yourself, complete with friends, possessions, documentation — possibly even a home and family. This alternate persona must have a lower Credit Rating than your main identity (unless you’ve been masquerading as someone else since the start of the campaign). A Disguise rating of 8 or more gets you one alternate identity; you can purchase more for 4 experience points each.

Explosives: One Last Stick
You can spend Explosive pool points on Preparedness tests to obtain dynamite or similar explosives.

Firearms: Nerves of Steel
Difficulty numbers for your Firearms tests aren’t affected by being shaken. 

Fleeing: Blackout
Once per adventure, when you fail a Fleeing test or are about to be consumed by some other horror, you may declare that you black out. When you wake up, you’re somewhere safe. You have no idea how you escaped or where you are now, and may have dropped items or abandoned fellow investigators to some horrible fate. But you’re alive, and that’s something.

Preparedness: Expedition Planning
If you have time to prepare and pack for any sort of expedition, then you bring enough for everyone. When you succeed at a Preparedness test to obtain an item, you may spend one extra point to have one of those items for everyone in the group. For example, if you use Preparedness to declare you’ve got an electric lamp, then you can spend an extra point to give everyone else a similar lamp too. 

Scuffling: The Old One Two
You may make an extra Scuffling attack per round, as long as you hit with your first attack. To make the second attack you must pay a number of Scuffling pool points equal to the result of the damage die from the first attack (so, if you roll damage of 2, you must pay 2 Scuffling pool points for another swing). 

Shadowing: In Over Your Head
Whenever you make a successful Shadowing test while shadowing someone, you gain 2 pool points that can be spent on Evidence Collection, Locksmith, Disguise, Filch or Stealth. You lose any unspent points in this pool when you stop shadowing the target and turn back, or are discovered.