Marcus Certus

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Home world: Death World +3
Commanding  officer Phlegmatic +1
Regiment Type: Guerrilla Regiment +4
	Anti-Armour +4
	Anti-Aircraft +4
Regiment Drawback: The Few -5

Replace a M36 lasgun (Main Weapon) or lascarbine (Main Weapon) with a combat shotgun (Main Weapon) and 4 clips - 10
Best Quality Sword 15
Clip/Drop Harness 5
Chrono 2


Name       : Marcus Certus
Regiment   : Catachan AT/AA
Speciality : Scout Heavy Gunner :P
Demeanor   : Optimist
XP Total   : 4300/4300 XP



WS   37 = 20 + 12 + 05(100xp)
BS   43 = 20 + 18 + 05(250XP)
S    45 = 20 + 17 + 03(Death world) + 05(100xp)
T    50 = 20 + 17 + 05(HG) + 03(Death world) + 5(100xp)
Ag   41 = 20 + 16 + 05(100xp)
Int  30 = 20 + 10
Per  42 = 20 + 14 + 3(Guerrilla)+ 05(100xp)
WP   27 = 20 + 07
Fel  23 = 20 + 06 - 3(Guerrilla)
Initiative: 4 = 4(Ag)
Half move : 4
Wounds    : 15 = 13 + 2(Death world)
Fate      : 1


     Name: Igor
Demeanour: Cook
  Advance: Stabilise					[300 XP]
    State: Alive


Weapon Skill (Scout)
Strength (swapped Ballistic Skill from Anti-Aircraft)
Finesse (swapped Strength from Scout)
Agility (HG)
Fieldcraft (HG)
Offence (HG)
Perception (HG)


Terrain Expert
Type: Passive
Effect: As long as the Scout’s Comrade is within Cohesion, the Scout gains a +10 bonus to Stealth and Survival Tests and
imposes an additional –20 penalty on anyone attempting to use the Tracking Special Use of the Survival Skill to follow him.
Silent Ambush
Type: Order (Half Action)
Effect: Striking together, the Scout and his Comrade can quickly eliminate almost any lone infantry target without
rustling a single leaf or letting a single scream slip out. As long as the Scout’s Comrade is within Cohesion, the next
time the Scout makes a Melee Attack against an Unaware target, the attack inflicts an additional 1d10 Damage and
gains the Concussive (2) Quality.
Fluency: While death worlders have learned to speak
Low Gothic, they do not have time in their violent lives to
learn how to read or write the universal language of the
Imperium. Because of this, death worlders do not start with
the Linguistics (Low Gothic) Skill at creation, however they
are still capable of engaging in any verbal communication in
Low Gothic that does not require a Skill Test.
Wary of Outsiders: Death worlders tend to be slow to
put their faith in anyone other than themselves and their
comrades, and they chafe at the expectations and strictures
of more civilised society. They suffer a –10 penalty on all
Interaction Skill Tests made in formal surroundings, and
similarly impose a –10 penalty on any Interaction Skill Tests
made on them by any non-death worlders. These penalties
can be waived at the GM’s discretion if the death worlders are
dealing with those who have earned their trust.
Due to their special training and their encyclopaedic
knowledge of enemy armoured vehicles and their strengths
and weaknesses, Anti-Armour regiments are unparalleled tank-
killers. Members of Anti-Armour regiments add an additional
amount to the Penetration of their weapons equal to their
Degrees of Success on the attack roll when attacking vehicles.
Members of Anti-Aircraft regiments gain an
additional +10 bonus to their Ballistic Skill to hit airborne
targets such as aircraft, ships, and flying creatures.
Limited Numbers: When a Squad from this regiment
requests reinforcements (to replace fallen Comrades), it must
make a Hard (–20) Logistics Test if most of the regiment
is actively deployed or an Ordinary (+10) Logistics Test
if a significant portion of the regiment is not currently in the
field (these Tests already include situational modifiers except
those added at the GM’s discretion). If it fails, the regiment
simply has no reinforcements it can spare for the Squad, and
its members must soldier on until its members can put in
another request for troop support.


Common Lore (Imperial Guard) +10
Common Lore (Imperium) 
Common Lore (Tech)
Common Lore (War) +10
Awareness 						[200 XP]
Dodge   						[200 XP]
Stealth +10   						[200 XP]      	


Iron Jaw
Tank Hunter
Weapon training (Las)
Weapon training (SP)					[200 XP]
Weapon training (Launcher)				[200 XP]
Weapon training (Heavy)
Weapon training (Low-Tech)
Lightning Reflexes
Storm of Iron
Bulging Biceps						[300 XP]
Marksman						[300 XP]
Nerves of Steel                                         [450 XP]
Double Team                                             [200 XP]
Sure Strike                                             [Scout]
Silent Ambush                                           [400 XP]
Swift Attack                                            [300 XP]
Terrain Expert                                          [300 XP]



Name               Range   RoF    Dam      Pen    Clip     Rld   Special                  Wt     
M34 Autocannon     300m    S/3/–  3d10+8I  6      20       Full  Ogryn-Proof, Reliable    40 kg
                                                                 Custom grip (+5 BS)
                                                                 Fluid action (+1 hit in semi-auto)
                                                                 Home Materials (+5 WP vs fear) 
                                                                 Sacred Inscription (+10 WP vs pinning)
Combat shotgun      30m    S/3/-  1d10+4I  0      18       Half                          6,5 kg
                                                                 Scatter (+10 to hit and +3 Damage (Point Blank Range) +10 to hit (Short Range)–3 Damage other ranges.
                                                                 Custom grip (+5 BS)
                                                                 Fluid action (+1 hit in semi-auto)
                                                                 Home Materials (+5 WP vs fear) 
                                                                 Sacred Inscription (+10 WP vs pinning)
Sword                             1d10+1R  0                     Balanced, Best Quality (+10 WP to attack, +20WP to parry +1 damage)    3 kg
Knife                             1d5 R    0                     Thrown                    1 kg


Name/Pattern        Covers                 AP            Wt         Special                       
Flak vest           Body                    3             5 kg      +1 AP against blast damage.


Type                        Amount            Wt
Autocannon Belts            3(49)             12 kg
Shotgun                     4(240)           2.6 kg
Frag grenades               2                  1 kg
Blind grenades              2                  1 kg
Stun grenades               2                  1 kg


Type                                          Wt
Uniform                                        3 kg
Poor Weather Gear                              2 kg
Rucksack                                       2 kg
Basic Toolkit                                  1 kg 
Mess Kit and water Canteen                   0.5 kg 
Blanket and Sleep Bag                          4 kg
Rechargeable Lamp-pack                       0.5 kg
Grooming Kit                                 0.1 kg
Dog Tags                                       1 kg
Uplifting Primer                               0 kg
Combat sustenance rations 14 days             14 kg
Entrenching Tool                               2 kg
Field Sutures 	                             0.5 kg
Chrono                                         0 kg
Micro-bead                                     0 kg
Gas Mask                                     0.5 kg
Clip/Drop Harness                              2 kg