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Full name: Janek of Rocky Ring Crystal Lake

Race/Class: Male Bariaur (monstrosity), Fighter 7 (Battlemaster)

Background: Soldier

Faction and Alignment: Indep, Neutral


The base vicious cycle of a bariaur in an Ysgard herd is looped around either constantly opposing indigenous local habitants, be they petitioners or other planars, for the basic right to exist on the plane, or marching with a power's army towards any conceivable enemy of the plane - often another power of an opposing plane. Such campaigns usually result in pronounced losses, as Ysgardian resurrection power is tied to the plane itself, which is rarely available in a cross-plane warfare.

Imagine having to fight a dozen bloody local fights each day. You either battle through them and (almost) always emerge victorious - all praise you! - or you die. Constantly, each day. Care for a slow death from a necrotic spell? Blood loss from dismemberment? Running around while on (magic) fire until you collapse into a neat pile of smoking ash? How does that feel? You try to get it together and press on, trying to gain an upper edge, but the experience slowly gets its grip on you. Some might call it a negative feedback loop, some might just start screaming "makeitstopmakeitstop" at some point and simply fall out of a power's grace. You lose your marbles, you lose your battle grit, you lose a power's grace, and then comes that last death, but without resurrection.

Some might be okay with how things work out there. Petitioners don't have much freedom to begin with, but planars do have a free will, and some might be war-weary enough to decide and quit. A common way of doing so is to desert while on an extraplanar campaign. Many of those unlucky souls who got caught and eviscerated for this mutiny can attest that it's fairly difficult, though. But when a larger group gets their horns locked onto an idea of a little victorious exodus, things get real crazy.

Personality traits

Janek of Crystal Lake has been unhappy lately. He lost a contract lately. He was attacked by highwaymen lately. He was forced into a witching well lately. He gazed into nothingness lately. He was saved from sure death lately.

He is not married. He has a couple offsprings being raised by the herd. He worships no power.

Janek of Crystal Lake is a member of Crystal Lake, duh. He is a former member of Rocky Ring. He arrived at Outlands around 10 years ago.

He is some 40 years old.

He is a medium-sized monstrosity. His burly ram-part is colt-sized and covered in thick pale-brown fur. His humanoid section is tan and covered in sporadic black curly body hair. He has a broad head, a powerful jaw (try chewing on that grass), dark-brown eyes and a massive brow. His black-and-pepper curly hair is combed into a ponytail locked with metallic rings. His dense horns spiral inward and are bound by several decorative rings of different metals.

He is incredibly tough.

Janek of Crystal Lake likes iron, steel, jewelry, the colors green and blue. He prefers to consume mixed meadow grasses and vegetables. He absolutely detests meat.

He has poor understanding of planar power-play. He is above average mental capacity for an Ysgardian battle ram. He hasn't lost his marbles. He has a mild case of PTSD. He has a little trouble adjusting to a calmer life in Outlands.

He is modest. He is willing to compromise with others. He likes to try new things. He is usually optimistic about everything. He scratches behind a horn when he is thinking about something. He tries to remain alert at all times. He tries to avoid a fight when the odds are indeterminate. He likes a good easy read of some fiction in his free time.

He needs short rests to get through the fighting day.


  • Herd before bariaur; I shall do my best in contributing to the welfare of my herd.
  • Power wars are just a godly circlejerk, we're not going to be involved in them.


You cannot discard any existing belief, because that's what all outer planes and, to a lesser extent, factions are built on. Adopting one of those automatically makes you a heathen in the context of others. So the core principles are fairly simple.

  • Live and let live. There is a simple pleasure in carrying on with your life when you're not oppressed by any godlike entity.
  • Don't do the work that would push one party or power's agenda too far. Diversify if necessary;
  • Arguably the only way to achieve true neutrality is to get out of the planes and into primes, which is the point of arguments among Crystal Lake.


  • Cetilia of Crystal Lake (spoiler: basically the alpha female of the herd, which makes her 1) hard to get and 2) a "council" member where herd decisions are concerned)


  • Fear of death, especially from a slow-killing arcane source;
  • Falling out of herd's grace, e.g. become an omega member.


Janek of Crystal Lake
Medium monstrosity, TN/Indep
Armor Class 16 (chain mail, stealth dis)
Hit Points 60 (d10)
Speed 40ft

20 (+5)12 (+1)14 (+2)12 (+1)12 (+1)10 (0)

Saving Throws STR +8, CON +5
Skills Athletics +8, Acrobatics +4, Perception +4, Intimidation +3
Senses Darkvision 60ft, 14 PP
Languages Common, Bariaural
Tools Smith's tools, Dice
Weapons Simple and Martial
Armor All armor, shield

Hoofed. advantage on Acrobatics/Athletics checks against being pushed or knocked back.
Action surge. Extra action + bonus action on use, 1 per short rest.
Second wind.. d10+7 healing as bonus action, 1 / short rest.
Extra attack. Additional weapon attack per Attack action.
Combat superiority. x5 d8 superiority dice, 5 maneuvers known.

Ram. +8 to-hit, d6+5 blunt damage
Charge. +8 to-hit, 2d6+5 damage, Acrobatics/Athletics check on target (DC16) against push (15ft) or knockback (attacker's choice) if attack lands on target.
Greatsword. +8 to-hit, 2d6+5, damage die rerolls on 1 or 2 (Great weapon fighting feat).

Attribute Total score Adjustments
STR 20 14 + 2(race) + 4(2xASI)
DEX 12
CON 14
INT 12
WIS 12
CHA 10 9 + 1(race)


Stat Value Notes
Hit Die d10
Max HP 60 10 + 6*6 + 7*2
Armor Class 16 Chain mail
Action Points 5 See Zu's AP rules
Speed, ft 40
Initiative +1
Proficiency bonus +3
Passive perception 14 proficient

Skills & Proficiencies


  • Save +8
  • Athletics +8 (background)


  • Acrobatics +4 (class)


  • Save +5


  • Perception +4 (class)


  • Intimidation +3 (background)


  • All armor, shield
  • Simple & martial weapons


  • Smith's tools (subclass)
  • Gaming set: dice (background)


  • Common
  • Bariaural

Attack & Spellcasting


  • d20+8 2d6+5, slashing


  • d20+8 d10+5, piercing, 10ft reach


  • d20+8 d6+5 thrown (STR), 20/60ft


  • d20+8, d6+5, blunt


  • d20+8, 2d6+5, blunt
  • Attempt to push (15ft) or knockdown the target on hit; Acrobatics/Athletics check vs 16 (8 + proficiency + STR mod)

Note: Damage dice on 2-handers to be rolled individually and all 1/2s rerolled once

Features and Traits



  • Advantage on Acrobatics/Athletics against incoming push/knockdown checks.
  • x2 carrying capacity


  • Innate attack with horns


  • Innate charging attack with horns (25-40ft range)

Darkvision 60ft


Military rank

  • Requisition simple equipment or horses for temporary use
  • Gain access to friendly military encampments and fortresses where your rank is recognized.


Great Weapon Fighting

  • Reroll 1 or 2 on a damage die and use that instead for 2h-wielding attacks (2h/versatile weapon needed).

Action Surge (1 per short rest)

Second Wind (1 per short rest, d10+7 healing)

Know Your Enemy (Battlemaster, PHB 73)

  • Learn whether 2 of: AC, STR, DEX, CON, ECL, Fighter lvl - is more or less than your own (1m of OoC observation prereq.)

Extra Attack

Combat Superiority (PHB 73)

  • 5 superiority dice (d8, refresh on short rest)
  • Maneuver DC 16 (8 + 3(prof) + 5(STR)

Battlemaster Maneuvers

Commander's Strike

  • Skip weapon attack, allow other to use reaction and do weapon attack (+d8 to DMG)

Goading Attack

  • On-hit optional, +d8 to DMG, impose disadvantage on attacking anyone but you (WIS save to negate).


  • Option to mitigate d8+1 damage when hit in melee (reaction)

Maneuvering Attack

  • On-hit optional, +d8 to DMG, a friendly creature in sight/hearing range can move up to half speed without provoking opportunity attacks (from the target that was hit only).

Trip Attack

  • On-hit optional, +d8 to DMG, knockdown attempt (STR save to negate).


Actual post-S01E06.

Qty Item Item stats Cost, GP Weight, lb
1 Chain mail 16 AC 75 55
1 Amulet of would closure stabilize, x2 HP from HD ? 1
1 Greatsword 2d6 sla 50 6
1 Pike d10 pie 5 18
2 Handaxe d6 sla 5 2
1 Pouch 0.5 1
    Cash 110
1 Backpack 2 5
1     Common clothes .5 3
1     Mess kit 0.2 1
1     Waterskin (full) 0.2 5
1     Tinderbox 0.5 1
1     Bedroll 1 7
1     Dice, playing set .1 0
1     Smith's tools 20 8
10     Torch .01 1
10     Rations .5 2
1 Rope, 50ft 1 10

Updating their journal


  • 160gp, no expenditure.
  • 5AP

S1E03: Moving Up

  • 110gp
    • +60gp pre-pay on receiving a new contract from Lazlo/Faro
    • -110gp expenditure at the tavern (10gp overhead, 100gp sent to herd)

S1E05: Safe Landings

  • Up-to-date

S1E06: Agloom

  • got Amulet of wound closure