Harvest of Malice

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Procurator Calexi - Zinik_Alexander

Casus Inquisitoria

  1. Location: Agri-World Hilarion
  2. Estimated Threat: Obscura Majoris
  3. Mission Briefing: Arrive at planet and investigate the mysterious cause of crops growth shortage.
  4. Status: In Process

Addendum: Hilarion Information File
Plan of the Capitol

Ratio Scripta

  • 4000 starting experience pool + 200-300 XP for flavour customisation ("My mind-cleansed Assassin somehow retained Perform(Singer)+20 from his former life" is OK, for example).
  • Determine starting abilities as follows: Roll for stats as ruled in book(one re-roll allowed), assign results as you see fit. Further, it's possible to reassign 5 points from one stat to another(with limit to one such operation per stat).
  • You can, before buying stats advances, change costs between a pair of them.
  • Replace starting wounds roll with static of 3
  • Inquisitor's Handbook is ON, Radical Handbook is ON, being a Maletek Stalker is bad for your in-game perspectives.
  • Вопросы манчкоты и кастомизации решаются в индивидуальном порядке. Хинт: квентоманчество - лучший путь к успеху.
  • Starting gear: calculate the amount of Thrones you have at current XP level using standart rules. Then you can ask the GM about something unique, nice and suiting your character. Requests of powerarmor or of digital plasma weapon will be met with a strict disapproval. But yes, precious stuff from Rogue Trader inventory is ON. In theory.
  • Those, who seek for heretical knowledge, practice blasphemous arts and do other radical stuff, should use alternative Corruption Track (p. 73 of your favourite Codicium Munchkinae).

Personae Acolytum

техножрец Маркус, convector scientiae - игрок Gunslinger
Ferrus de Belasco, Tainted sorcery of Malfi - игрок aaa13
Cedric von Neumann, wandering noble (so far from Middenheim) - игрок Mezriss
Decimus, безжалостный арбитратор - игрок wRAR

Ordo Hereticus Protocol