Forsaken Bounty

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Halo Queen - HarleyQueen


This is supposed to be a test on the subject of do the Rogue Trading aspect of setting is interesting to community, or do we need to simply plunder it for munckinae and speehsships and then leave it rot in gutter. If the test comes up positive on the first option - we will experiment further on how to manage the ridiculous amounts of munchkinae which are the main contents of Rogue Trader, speehsship battles etc.
The test will occur on the basis provided by Forsaken Bounty and, perhaps, The Dark Frontier demo-adventures, which will be suitably ur-powered and their story-lines altered to reflect the nature of drugs taken by Halo Queen prior to the process. The participants are expected to die in a violent and silly manner.

Ratio Scripta

---Disregard That---
To build a character follow these simple steps and rules.

  • Choose a homeworld for your character, using both the Dark Heresy, Inquisitor's Handbook and Rogue Trader. If your homeworld

of choice can be found both in DH and RT - take it's Characteristics from DH and then add munch-bonuses from RT.

  • Generate Characteristics using the base provided by your Homeworld and then assigning 100 points as you see fit, but putting no more than 20 points in any one stat.
  • Generate your background as per Rogue Trader character generation path, stage 2, adding to the mix some exp-costing stuff from Inquisitor's Handbook.
  • Build a Dark Heresy character on 4500 exp, using the "from the scratch" method rather than career starting packages. Note, that this character must be suitable for play in Rogue Trader and not some fanatical holydamagenova-spewing bolter bitch, suffering from ferric overdose in the testicles.
  • Choose a Rogue Trader Career Path in which you would continue your development. This Career Path must somehow correspond with that of your Dark Heresy character, so you won't be fucked over a Scum->Astropath Transcendent shift or something equally retarded.
  • Assign 500 more exp, drawing skills and talents from your new Career Path.
  • Take the starting skills, talents and equipment from your new Career Path. Make an Acquisition roll to get moar shiny bits, as ruled in Rogue Trader.
  • Choose your Destiny.
  • Calculate the amount of Wounds and Fate Points using rules in Rogue Trader.
  • This can lead you to creating a stupidifyingly powerful character. Spend some time laughing manically.

---Disregard That---

  • Telepathy, Divination and Telekinesis Psychic Disciplines work as described in Rogue Trader. Biomancy and Pyromancy still work as described in Dark Heresy and it's supplements. The rest is explained on the channel
  • There is no such thing as Suspensor.
  • There IS such thing as Telegus. The first part of it, anyways.
  • These rules are work in progress and can change during discussion. If you've failed to notice changes, report to your ranking officer for summary execution.

Business Details

+++Astropathic Transmission+++
+++Carefully received and deciphered by Amadeus Quassar, Your humble servant+++
+++Priority Alpha, Ciphering XVa low-profile+++
Dear son, this is your mother. Drop all your petty affairs and return to Port Wander. Imperial Navy, old wimpy dogs, lost the "Emperor's Bounty", a patrol cruiser of no small renown, in the Battleground. Via my charming influence and the toil of Our House's scribes, you are granted The Writ Of Claim, meaning you must be the first to set foot aboard said vessel. And then loot it. Make hurry, or Navals will go for it themselves.
+++Transmission Ends+++


Friedrich Zacharie - Prideful and decadent Rogue Trader - игрок insd7s
Klaus - Imperial Navy officer on board - игрок aaa13
Varr Oman - Raiser of Weapons - игрок Zinik_Alexander
Tadeusz Bolzmann - игрок Militaryuga
Gombolt Velinski - Daring Navigator
Amadeus Quassar - Fearless Astropath
Pime Taradox Ur - Noble Vessel

Captain's Log