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Eldritch security for elementary education (excerpt)


The Emergence phenomenon places an enormous challenge on teaching personnel of public educational organizations. Teenagers, already posing challenges in terms of control and channeling of their spontaneous activities, may additionally manifest various magical and martial abilities that are incredibly dangerous both for them and surrounding people. Special committee, established by the Triumvirate's Security Council, developed a set of recommendations and steered a reform to organize, systematize and secure Hexpanse educational system.

Critical requirements for teaching personnel

It is known, that certain geographical areas have bias for certain type of emergents. Cradle, the historical seat of Arcane Council, is the leader in arcane emergents, closely followed by martial. Red Hill, were the Exarchate of the Church of Creation is located, has mostly divine emergents followed by arcane. Thus it is paramount to provide the teaching personnel with abilities to negate and counteract possible misuse of the freshly gained abilities. For the most part the spellcasting ability is best for an immediate response, especially with Counterspell and Dispell. An absolute majority of the emergents start at grade 1 at the point of manifesting, with a small but non-negligible fraction of grade 2 emergents reported in highly unstable areas. The reports of higher grade emergents are scarce and unconfirmed. Thus the higher-grade abilities are not needed and grade 2 personnel will be able to control the situation until local law enforcement reacts. Additionally, Church of Creation representatives, that are required to be on site for medical emergencies, are able to provide assistance in restraining and prevent tragic consequences.

Cultivating the "responsible elitism" in emergent youth

The emergence for an untrained mind can be quite overwhelming. Often for an adolescent it means a complete change in their way of life and loss of the social connections they have established by that time. On the other hand, the sentient creatures tendency to assign reason and causality to random events leads an emergent to a false sense of superiority and importance (see "chosen one syndrome"). While the confidence in own abilities is important, the society as a whole can suffer dire consequences from a self-righteous powerful individual. Thus, in order to preserve the social integrity and induce a sense of responsibility in new emergents, they are not segregated from public education system. They are tasked with additional responsibilities and are taught to successfully and effectively interact with their fellow citizens.

On diversification of the emergents within a training center as a means of improving hexraid parties efficiency (excerpt)

The prolonged observations and performance assessments of hexraid parties indicate the critical importance of teamwork and joint training. The awareness of others' abilities, strengths and weaknesses allows a raider to better plan and execute. It is shown that original practice of separate training centers, operated independently by the members of Triumvirate, was highly detrimental to both the hexraid efficiency and the political stability of our nation. By the unanimous decision of the Triumvirate in year 288 p.e. the joint task force was founded dedicated to train emergents and promote cooperation. A practice of student group exchange was suggested few years later. It has eventually lead to discovery of cross-emergence and additional sub-types of the usual arcane/divine/martial triad.