Dead Spire

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Narrator - insd7s

- What's wrong with those people? Hey, stop trying to bite me! Oh shi~

Casus Inquisitoria

Location: High Spire of some Hive
Estimated Threat: no estimation available
Mission briefing: reach the evacuation center
Status: in progress

Personae Acolytum

Krak Rat - Just a hitman, nobody else - игрок Zinik_Alexander
Brother Eisenstain - Just a character, without words - игрок Bert
Brother Praetus - Just a character, without words - игрок Mezriss

Ratio Scripta

  • 400 starting experience pool
  • Determine starting abilities as follows: Roll for stats as ruled in book(one re-roll allowed), assign results as you see fit. Further, it's possible to reassign 5 points from one stat to another(with limit to one such operation per stat).
  • Everyone has 10 wounds. Critical wounds are used from the table without death effects. Any additional critical damage makes you incapacitated, but you can be revived by your fellow acolyte.
  • Medicae skill heals heavy and critical wounds just as light ones.
  • You can use medi-kit without medicae skill.
  • Inquisitor's Handbook is ON
  • Starting equipment includes ONE weapon of choice and ONE suit of armor. Nobles could have some nice things if those are reasonably small.

Ordo Hereticus Protocol