Bastion of Broken Souls

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Описание модуля

The Blood of Ancient Battles Rises An eternal demonic war draws dangerously close to an end, threatening the balance of all existence. At the crux of this chaotic feud resides a legendary terror fixated upon immortality at any cost. Only the most powerful heroes can hope to defeat a force that lies beyond the influence of the gods.

Мастер - Adamantium


  1. Point Buy 28
  2. Alterself, Polymorph, Shapechange - banned
  3. 3 Classes max (icluding prestige classes)
  4. No XP reserve for craft\spells\etc purposes
  5. Max 5 single use items
  6. Gate fixed
  7. Undeads, Constructs, Elemental, Incorporeal, Plant races & templates banned
  8. Max 1 template
  9. House Rules are ON
  10. Anything can be banned without reason, just 'cause

Допущенные книги: PHB, MM, DMG, CW, CD, CA, CV


Julio Ambrosio Alvaro - [игрок - HCMan]
Clifford Pierce - [игрок - Haart]
Alwaro de Santos - [игрок - Aen Sidhe]
Warai Otoko - [игрок - Gendo]



Часть 1: О солярах и не только

Часть 2: О том, как убивают богов

Часть 3: Suck, bitch!