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The only step that matters is the current one, for it alone is my choice


  • Adult Female Human
  • Name: Audhild
  • Class: Barbarian(Totem) 5/Rogue(Thief) 3
  • Background: Bearburglar
  • Speaks: Common, Thieves Cant


Attribute Value Mod Starting value Modifications
Str 16 +3 = 14 +2(Barbarian 4)
Dex 14 +2 = 13 +1(human)
Con 16 +3 = 15 +1(human)
Int 08 -1 = 08
Wis 12 +1 = 12
Cha 10 +0 = 10


  • HitDie: 12(1lvl)+28(4d12)+15(3d8)+24(Con*8)
  • MaxHP : 79
  • Speed : 40 ft.
  • Initiative: +2
  • Proficiency: +3
  • Armor Class: 17 = 10+2[Dex]+3[Con]+2[Shield]
  • Passive Perception: 14
  • Saves: Str +6, Con +6, Dex x2
  • Skills: Athletics +9, Intimidation +6/+3, Stealth +8, Survival +4, Perception +4, Sleight of Hand +5


Armor: Light, Medium, Shields [Barb]
Weapons: Simple, Martial [Barb]

Tools: Thieves tools [Rogue]
Gaming sets: Rolling stones [Back]

Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution | Dex with advantage

Skills: [Str]Athletics[Back], [Str/Cha]Intimidation[Barb], [Dex]Stealth[Rogue], [Wis]Survival[Back], [Wis]Perception[Barb], [Dex]Sleight of Hand[Human]


  • Attack Actions
    • Extra Attack(1)
    • Short Sword: +6 1d6+3 [+2 in Rage, +2d6 if with advantage]
    • Hand Axe: +6 1d6+3 (ranged 20/60) [+2d6 if with advantage]
    • Grapple/Shove: +9 Athletics
  • Bonus Actions
    • Hide (+8 Stealth)
    • Dash
    • Disengage
    • Sleight of Hand
    • Use Object
    • Thieves Tools
    • Shove (+9 Athletics)
  • Reactions
    • Shield Evasion


  • [Barb]Rage
    • advantage on Str checks and saves
    • +2 damage on attacks
    • Resistance to all damage except Psychic(via Bear Spirit)
    • 3 times per long rest
  • [Barb]Unarmored Defense
    • Con to AC when unarmored
  • [Barb]Reckless Attack
    • Gain advantage on melee weapon attacks. Give advantage on attacks against self.
  • [Barb]Danger Sense
    • Advantage on Dex saves when aware
  • [Barb]Spirit Seeker
    • Speak with Animals and Beast Sense as rituals
  • [Barb]Bear Spirit
    • see Rage
  • [Barb]Extra Attack
    • yeah
  • [Barb]Fast Movement
    • +10 ft. speed when not in heavy armor
  • [Rogue]Expertise
    • double proficiency bonus on Athletics and Stealth
  • [Rogue]Sneak Attack
    • +2d6 once per turn
  • [Rogue]Cunning Action
    • Dash, Disengage or Hide as bonus action
  • [Rogue]Fast Hands
    • Use Sleight Of Hand, Thieves Tools or Use An Object Action as bonus action
  • [Rogue]Second-Story Work
    • Climbing costs no extra movement. Add Dex mod to running jumps distance.
  • [Human]Shield Mistress
    • Shove as bonus action
    • Shield AC to Dex saves against single-target spells and effects
    • Pseudo-Evasion as Reaction(still take full damage on fail, take none on success)


  • Boots Of Springing and Striding (attuned)
  • Ring of the Ram (attuned)
  • Gem of Brightness (45 charges)
  • Traveler's clothes
  • Explorer's pack
    • 30 ft. hemp rope
    • Backpack
    • Bedroll
    • Messkit & Tinderbox
    • 9 torches
    • 7 days rations
    • Waterskin
  • Short Sword
  • Shield
  • 4x Hand Axe
  • Coin pouch (10+30 gp)
  • New coin pouch (7+30 gp)
  • Small dagger, baatorian green steel (~several platinum pieces)
  • Thieves tools
  • Crowbar
  • Potion of Growth x1
  • Bag of Holding
    • Block & Tackle
    • Pick, miner's x2
    • Shovel
    • Grappling hook
    • Piton x10
    • Climber's kit
    • Set of lewd carvings(wood) (?? gp)
    • Box of golden teeth (?? gp)
    • Cheap jewelry(?? gp)
    • Bronze relief with cup-bearers(?? gp)
    • Anachronistic spring thingie (?? gp)
    • Cold iron mace (?? gp)
    • 1 gp 45 sp
    • A pair of relatively posh boots (?? gp)
    • A zombie
    • An 250 gp art object of descriptive artness x6 (1500 gp)


  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power (uncommon, attunement) or Belt of Hill Giant Strength (rare, attunement)
  • Ring Of Protection (uncommon, attunement)
  • Sentinel Shield (uncommon)
  • Breastplate(+1) (uncommon)



I don't know where i'm from. Or don't care to remember. I've seen my sixteenth, maybe fifteenth, spring when i first stepped on the road, and i've never looked back. It was a boring place, or a cruel one, maybe both. Or i just stole something and the folk got ornery. I probably stole something. My name's Audhild. The likes of me don't get a second name like you fancy folk, so it's just Audhild.


A gaggle of inbred assholes fucking up people's lives for their petty amusement. The ones calling themselves "good" are just more prone to fuck up their own folk and not someone else's. And it's like that everywhere i've been - bunches of hungry fools waiting for a fart to set them off to do some "holy work" and tear into each other for a scrap of "favor". And the gods are laughing. That doesn't play for me.


I've seen lots. I've been to a land where only the elder folk remembered how the sun looks. Passed through a land where people use stilts to walk on water and build their homes high up on trees. Been to a city that took a week on foot to cross. What i'm saying is that there are strange places, most of them are, and i've seen some. You got some weird ones here, sure, but that kinda makes them more of the same. Funny, though, most everywhere there's a bunch of stuck-up stiffs who think themselves better than the rest of the world simply because they're from around.


I leave the wilds when i get bored, and go back when i get fed-up with cities. The cities got ale, warm beds and coin. The wilds don't have as much people who think they're better than me - those don't last long there. Sometimes i'm hired to do odd jobs. I'm good at getting into places and not dying to whatever's in there. So that's what i do.


Lands have laws. Peoples have laws. Good on them, i guess. I won't go out of my way to break any. I won't go out of my way to not break them either.