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In many series, there will be a character who is much larger than most everyone else, very strong, often quite quiet, and very often they will be black.
~ TV Tropes

Обсыпь-ка его мелом, и дай мне мою булаву...
~ Илья Муромец


Модерновый кавер на заслуженного фентезийного ур-зомби-трэш-героя, Atthalo'o.


Name: Atthelo Macaeo.
Race: Human, black.
Rank: Seasoned.
XP  : 20

Agility  d8
Smarts   d4
Spirit   d6
Strength d12
Vigor    d8

(Ag)Fighting   d12
(Ag)Shooting   d4
(Sp)Guts       d6
(Sp)Intimidate d6
(Ag)Throwing   d4
(St)Climbing   d4
(Sm)Notice     d4

Hindrances: Wanted (major), Ruthless, All Thumbs.
Edges     : Brawny, Powerlifter, Sweep.
Derived   : Pace 6, Parry 8, Toughness 7 (+1), Charisma 0 (-2).


  • Anvil-On-A-Chain [damage Str+2 with anvil side, reverse grip for chain benefits]
  • Fire Axe [damage Str+2]
  • Chainsaw [damage Str+6 running, Str+1 inactive] (fuel: out)
  • Desert Eagle .50 [damage 2d8+1, AP 2]
    • clip, 7 rounds
    • clip, 7 rounds
  • Fur-backed winter coat [armor 1]