On The Run

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Another day, another struggle for survival on the mean streets of the sprawl.	It’s raining, Lone	Star’s	running	a high-profile “serve and protect” visibility campaign lately, and pickings
have been a little lean	for you	and your team.	Occupational hazard,	omae — newbies	gotta make	a rep before they get the good jobs, but they gotta get	the good jobs before they can make a rep. Ever heard of Catch-22?	Congratulations — you’re living	it.
You’re	awake one night	pondering where	you’re going to get next month’s soymilk money when a familiar number	pops up	in the corner of your AR display. Your fixer’s on the line, and	that can only mean one	thing — a job.	Cred. A	way to keep the	wolves	of your	back for a couple more weeks — if you survive, that is.
 “Yeah,	I got a job for you,” the Fixer	says. “Looks like something you	guys  should be able to handle.	Meet Mr. Johnson at 21:00 at Ininity. The meet’ll be in	one of the private conference rooms — tell	the elf	bartender chica	that you’re with the Johnson party and she’ll show you where  to	go. Oh,	and dress like	you know what you’re doing, willya? 

CharBuild Info

BP limit: 400
Рестрикты: Core Rulebook, Street Magic, Augmentation, Arsenal


Бета чарники: 10 февраля. Первый сдавший получает Positive Quality. Проебавшие дедлайн соответственно получают Negative Quality.

Metahumans Roster

игрок - Haart
игрок - Aen Sidhe
Tanif - [игрок - DeSt]
игрок - Paragith
игрок - HCMan

For Your Information

  1. Городской модуль.
  2. Страшно сказать, нехороший ГМ требует квенты. Ему зачем-то надо знать откуда выползли ваши чары и с хуяли у них стока павы.
  3. Друг друга никто не знает.