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*Fishmonger's End Development Plan(from the office of Francis Geigerling)
*Fishmonger's End Development Plan(from the office of Francis Geigerling)
*Electrum Choker x3 (block spell-casting, make casters feel angst and ennui when worn, look somewhat stylish)
*Electrum Choker x3 (block spell-casting, make casters feel angst and ennui when worn, look somewhat stylish)
*12x  Basilisk' Egg

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  • Current date: 1794/3/19
  • Next Company steam-boat: 1794/4/~3
  • Phillip Normann Ultimatum: 1794/5/1

The Sad Tale and Folly Of Douglas Abbot(Ongoing)

Find out what transpired in FIshmonger's End in the last few years, determine the meaning of bailiff's notes and activities, and try to make sense of it all.

  • Reginald Clarke asked to share any details you might come across.

Word of the Wise

Sannah'Va agreed to make arrangements on your behalf so that some of your questions might be answered

  • Sannah'Va will be waiting for you at midnight of the third day from now

What the Great Explorer Couldn't Do(Ongoing)

Make Fishmonger's End great again

Light by the Lake

Scout, and if need be - clear of danger, a route towards a prospective lighthouse construction site at the south-western bank of Lake Moroe

  • Reginald Clarke waits for your report.
  • Report delivered.

Party Projects

X Marks the What (Tejano)

Find out what Cristóbal Baeza hid on Igor'Tpka all these years ago.

Spot & Listen LTD.(Spot)

Establish your own wilderness consulting agency. Probably with a restaurant.

What's The Worst That Can Happen(Tejano & Brown)

Study Electrum and maybe find ways to weaponize it.

Voice in the Tree(The Party)

Find a way to free the trapped tree spirit

Land of Discovery (Brown & Spot)

Look at stuff in awe, discover beasts, plants, places and things. Get famous, maybe.

Looked at in awe so far


Equipment and treasure

Cristòbal's Locker

  • 18x Gunpowder, keg
  • 1x Spyglass, ornate
  • 1x Jade & ivory & oak gaming set
  • 1x Crate of wine bottles (12 bottles)
  • 3x Crate of pistols(Navy issue, 27 flintlocks(150), 3 wheellocks(230)
  • 2x Chest of coins
  • 2x Coin-minting matrix 3x Mask, tribal
  • 4x Bags of "booty" - gems, chalices, coins, assorted


  • Silver-frame bracelet of thin quartz plates, drowcraft (25 gp)
  • A pouch of moss agates (9 gems, 10 gp each)
  • Andsvarr Avenue Tannery leather traveling bag, 1792 autumn line (220 gp)
  • "Conjuration and Transmutation Magicks in Modern Cookery for an Aspiring Housewife, second edition" (7 gp)
  • Displacer Beast claw necklaces, Spotcraft (2 of them, 15 gp each)
  • Electrum coins(4 ep, roughly equivalent to 28 gp)
  • Gunpowder, keg (250 gp)
  • Gunpowder, horn (two horns, full, 25 gp each)


  • Ancient Drow Helmet (advantage on Perception checks relying on sight) (Spot)
  • Ancient Drow Scalemail (+1 scalemail, advantage on saving throws against spells) (Tejano)
  • Ancient Drow Sword (+1 shortsword, +2d6 piercing damage on critical hits) (Tejano)
  • Rusted Blade (+1 dagger, damage type is Acid instead of piercing) (Brown)
  • Wand of the Warmage +1; human bone, scrimshaw; x2 (Brown, Zane)
  • Drow Longbow; bone, sinew and resin composite, re-stringed(+1 longbow)(Spot)
  • Drow Javelin (+1 javelin)
  • Ring of protection (Tejano)
  • Necklace Of Prayer Beads(and displacer beast claws) (1 Bead of Blessing, 2 Beads of Smiting, 2 Beads of Curing)(Brown)
  • Wyrd Effigy x2
  • Widow's Mirror (Zane)
  • A component pouch with enough ingredients to mix five doses of drow poison(Nature DC 11 to mix properly)
  • Cloak of Displacement (almost finished, but not finished yet)
Wyrd Effigy (wondrous item, rare, requires attunement)
Attunement requires the user to be able to observe or clearly imagine one creature(that the user knows about) for one minute(as if concentrating on a spell). This allows the user to cast Bestow Curse(as if cast from 5th level slot, Wisdom save DC 14, unlimited range) upon the creature. If you have a proper focus(a lock of the target's hair, an item that's been in the target's possession for at least a year, etc) and can affix it to the Effigy, the curse instead lasts until dispelled or until the focus is separated from the Effigy. The Effigy can only curse one creature at a time. After cursing 1d4 creatures, the Effigy loses its magic.
Widow's Mirror (wondrous item, rare, requires attunement by a Warlock)
A silver hand-held mirror with elaborate engravings, set with onyx and mother of pearl inlays, which belonged to Eleanor Hayes. While you are attuned to this item, the amount of spell slots your Pact Magic class feature provides you increases by one. The mirror can be used as a spell focus for Warlock spells.
Drow Poison (potion, uncommon)
You can use this poison to coat one slashing or piercing weapon or up to three pieces of ammunition. Applying the poison takes an action. A creature hit by a poisoned weapon must succeed on a DC 14 Constitution save or become Poisoned. A creature that fails this save by 4 or more is Slowed and begins Suffocating(after a number of rounds equal to its Constitution modifier, it drops to 0 HP and is dying). A creature so affected can attempt to make this save again at the end of each of those rounds. Once applied, the poison retains potency for 1 minute before drying.

Assorted items and bits

  • Dreaming Bone Amulet (buried)
  • Locked Case from the Watermill (currently with Avaeyakh)
  • Defaced Map from the Watermill (Spot)
  • Eleanor Hayes' notes
  • Bailiff's Notebook
  • Mycroft Osbourne's letters and notes
  • Fishmonger's End Development Plan(from the office of Francis Geigerling)
  • Electrum Choker x3 (block spell-casting, make casters feel angst and ennui when worn, look somewhat stylish)
  • 12x Basilisk' Egg