Dead Gods

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Описание кампейна

"Know that now and forevermore, he who once claimed Thanatos is no more. The past master of this place is gone and shall not return.
I. Kiaransalee. Mother of Vengeance and Mistress of Unlife rule here now and shall into infinity. My will is law in Thanatos, for it is now my realm.
Let no soul, mortal or otherwise, speak of the former ruler again. Let no written word, anywhere in all existence, past or present, record his misbegotten appellation. Let this be the last moment any creatures ever hear the name fall upon their ears. The last voice to speak the name shall be that of his executioner, and I say it now for the final time:
"ORCUS!" "

Мастер - Haart
Ко-Мастер - Gendo




Jumbo - [игрок - Adamantium]
Иармид - [игрок - HCMan]
It'en - [игрок - DeSt]
Pill - [игрок - Zuzuzu]
Верадин - [игрок - Aen Sidhe]


Out of the Darkness by Monte Cook