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II. [[Nomen Nescio]] - arcane precision, игрок [[user:insd7s|insd7s]]
II. [[Nomen Nescio]] - arcane precision, игрок [[user:insd7s|insd7s]]
IV. [[Zane]] - ведьм, игрок [[user:DeSt|DeSt]]
== Content ==
== Content ==

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Рулзы которые было не лениво записать:

  • Variant Humans, Multiclassing and Feats options are on
  • Races with monstrous appearance and/or innate flight speed are off
  • Action(Hero) Points are on
    • Character starts with 5 hero point at 1st level. Each time the character gains a level, he or she loses any unspent hero points and gains a new total equal to 5 + half the character's level. A player can spend a hero point whenever he or she makes an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw. The player can spend the hero point after the roll is made but before any of its results are applied. Spending the hero point allows the player to roll a d6 and add it to the d20, possibly turning a failure into a success. A player can spend only 1 hero point per roll. In addition, whenever a character fails a death saving throw, the player can spend one hero point to turn the failure into a success.
Martial Ranged Weapons
Type        Cost      Damage           Weight          Properties
 Pistol     150 gp    1d10 piercing    3 lb            Ammunition(30/90), loading

 Musket     400 gp    1d12 piercing   10 lb            Ammunition(40/120), loading, two-handed


Bullets(10) 3 gp         -             2 lb            -

Bomb                100 gp - throw up to 60 ft., 5 ft. radius, 3d6 fire dmg, dex dc 12 for 1/2

Gunpowder, keg      200 gp - 10 ft. radius, 7d6 fire dmg, dex dc 12 for 1/2

Gunpowder, horn      30 gp - same as bomb, also you need it to shoot firearms

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I. Spot - дитя фронтира, игрок Zuzuzu
II. Nomen Nescio - arcane precision, игрок insd7s
IV. Zane - ведьм, игрок DeSt