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Name: Aeshkrau
CN Shifter (psionic, beasthide) Male (adult)
Psychic Warrior 6\Barbarian 1\Warblade 1\Fighter 2
Deity: none

---{ Abilities }---
STR 16(+3)             + 2(HD) + 2(item) = 20(+5)
DEX 10(+0) + 2(racial)         + 2(item) = 14(+2)
CON 16(+3) + 1(inherent)       + 3(item) = 20(+5)
INT 12(+1) - 2(racial)                   = 10(+0)
WIS 14(+2) + 2(item)                     = 16(+3) 
CHA 08(-1) - 2(racial)                   = 06(-2)

Init : +8 (+2 dex, +6 feats)
Speed: 50ft. (40ft in armor)
HP   : 6d8+2d12+2d10+50=106
AP   : 10

BAB : +8
Grapple: 8(BAB) + 5(str) = 13

To Hit:
armor spikes +13\+8 melee (1d6+5/x2)
+1 adamantine greatsword +14\+9 melee (2d6+8/19-20x2)

AC  : 10 + 2(dex) + 13(heavyplate) + 4(shield) + 2(ring) + 1(ioun stone) + 4(skin) + 1(defending) = 37 (51 in combat mode after 1 round)
*Touch: 33
*FlatF: 35

Fort: 5(psy) + 2(brb) + 2(war) + 3(ftr) + 5(con)            = +17
Refl: 2(psy) + 0(brb) + 0(war) + 0(ftr) + 2(dex) - 3 (flaw) = +1
Will: 2(psy) + 0(brb) + 0(war) + 0(ftr) + 3(wis)            = +5
*Moment of Perfect Mind is used instead of Will by default
*Action Before THought is used instead of Reflexes by deafault

---{ SKILLS }---
09 Autohypnosis         06+3(wis)
26 Concentration        11+5(con)+10(item)
04 Psicraft             04+0(int)
*+2 racial bonus on Balance, Climb, and Jump checks
*+1 Listen, Sense Motive and Spot checks due to shifter instincts
*armor penalty = 4(full plate) + 1(heavy shield) = 5

Speaks: Common

---{ FEATS }---
01[FLW]: Shield Ward
01[CHR]: Beasthide Elite
01[PSY]: Shield Specialization
03[PSY]: Power Attack
03[CHA]: Extra Rage
04[FTR]: Improved Initiative
06[FTR]: Heavy Armor Optimization
06[CHA]: Deflective Armor
08[RIT]: Least Legacy
09[PSY]: Practiced Manifester
09[CHA]: Shifter Instincts

---{ FEATURES }---
[Ex] Low-light Vision
[Su] Shifting 2\day
[Su] Beasthide
[Ex] Rage 3\day
[Ex] Fast-Movement
[Ex] Illiteracy
[Ex] Battle Clarity
[Ex] Weapon Aptitude

---{ POWERS KNOWN }--- 
1(3): Vigor, Expansion, Deflective Field
2(1): Damp Power, Dissolving Weapon, Specified Energy Adaptation

PP: 11(base) + 15(wis) + 3(crystal II) = 29
Save DC = 13 + Power Level
ML 10

1st: Moment of Perfect Mind (diam)
2nd: Action Before Thought (diam), Emerald Razor (diam)

1st: Moment of Perfect Mind (diam)
2nd: Action Before Thought (diam), Emerald Razor (diam)

1st: Stance of Clarity (diam)

Initiator Level: 5.5

---{ ITEMS }--- 

ITEM                                             BODY SLOT
armbands of might                                Arms
+3 mithral heavyplate (heartening)               Body
third eye (concentrate)                          Face
boots of striding and springing                  Feet
gauntlets of orge power +2                       Hands
headband of conscious effort                     Head
ring of protection +2                            Ring (right)
ring of nullification                            Ring (left)
minor cloak of displacement                      Shoulders
amulet of health & wisdom +2\+2                  Throat

[Crystallined Memory]
карта лабораторий Каннит
тексты писем Элейдрин
текст на девайсе в храме
фотка джунглей Ксендрика
фотка с Мурони
карта Виорра
AMV LizardSlayers

[Autohypnosis Memory]

explorer's outfit [worn]
potion bracers [worn]
шляпа как у индианы джонса
перстень дома каннит
дождевики х4
зашибенский плащик из тролиной шкуры 

rations x10
зелёный жезл из white hearth'а
кремень и огниво
torch x5
sack x3
оранжевый жезл из white hearth'а
rope, silk (50ft.)
спальники х4
провиант х3
синий жезл из white hearth'а
18 литров вотки

[Alchemical Items]   
alchemist fire x20
spiked gauntlet [worn]
mwk heavy mace
mwk greatsword

Arch Enemy (hardened adamantine greatsword +1, of brutal surge, of caustic surge, spellstoring)
A powers: "Clarity of the Fury" (see invisibility 1\day), "Legion's Stance" (mirror image 1\day), "Wasting My Hate" (creature compass, undead)
B powers: "Annihilating Blow" (weapon enhancement - spellstoring)
*fiendish shrieker
*tripple weapon retainer 450
 *ghost blight x2 75
 *quick silver 50
Omen: Mental
alchemical silver mace

mithral heavyplate +3 (heartening)
*armor spikes
heavy shield +1 (animated) [worn]
*shield spikes (+1, defending), shield sheath

ring of protection +2 [worn]
gauntlets of ogre power +2 [worn]
boots of striding and springing [worn]
amulet of health & wisdom +3\+2 [worn]
minor cloak of displacement [worn]
armbends of might [worn]
ioun stone (dusty prism) [active]
ioun stone (deep red sphere) [active]
cognizance crystal II
iyaringu of the earth dragon [active]
third eye (concentrate) [worn]
psychoactive skin of defender [active]                 
ring of nullification x3 [worn]

everlasting rations
silversheen x2
feather amulet x3
shifter braids (dire shifting) x5
universal solvent
trinket of trickery (swift concentration) [active]
heward's handey hoversack
everburning lantern
водяные кольца из храма (хуета какая-то, никто не покупает)
gem of night

potion [water breathing] x3
potion [fly]
potion [cure light wounds] x8

powerstone [call armor]
powerstone [call item] x5
powerstone [floating] x3
powerstone [catfall] 
powerstone [chameleon] x2
powerstone [deaden blow]
powerstone [psionic endure elements]
powerstone [grip of iron] x2
powerstone [metaphysical weapon]
powerstone [skate]
powerstone [urban strider] x2
powerstone [psionic fly]
powerstone [psionic dimension door]
powerstone [power weapon]
powerstone [stygian erasure] x5
powerstone [body purification] x4
powerstone [stygian discernment] x4
Money: 87gp.

---{ COMBAT MODES }---
shifting            : +4 natural
whirling frenzy     : +2 dodge
stance of clarity   : +2 against one opponent, -2 against others
expansion           : -4
deflection field    : +2
greater magic weapon: +2
magic vestment      : +2

Melee Attack & Damage (greatsword) 
expansion + whirling frenzy +16/+11 (4d6+14)
expansion + whirling frenzy + max power attack +9/+4 (4d6+30)
dire shifting + whirling frenzy +16/+11 (3d6+13) 
whirling frenzy +16/+11 (2d6+11)

vigor            :+50
shifting         :+10
heartening       :+5